her milkshake brings all the bombs to the yard

Colombian Smuggles Grenade in Vagina, Three Killed

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - A woman hid a grenade in her vagina and smuggled it into a Colombian prison, where it exploded and killed three inmates and injured 15 on Tuesday, prison authorities said.

The woman delivered the grenade during a visit to the all-male Villa Hermosa prison in the city of Cali and inmates were fooling around with it when it went off, said prison spokeswoman Lina Maria Hoyos, adding that guards were not allowed to inspect female visitors' genitals and that the woman had left the prison without being caught.

Colombia's jails are notoriously violent and anarchic. In some prisons, powerful inmates are heavily armed, invite prostitutes for visits and order their meals from restaurants.

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8 Responses:

  1. lars_larsen says:

    Columbia is the world capitol of vagina-smuggling.

  2. down8 says:

    No linked picture?


  3. stenz says:

    A whole new kind of vagina dentata.

  4. gordonzola says:

    best LJ title ever!

  5. rantzilla says:

    The woman delivered the grenade...

    I bet she did!

  6. fo0bar says:

    I see a porn site opportunity...

  7. kyra says:

    It is perhaps a mark of my being a terrible person that my first thought was "Cunt Bomb would be a great band name."