Ash Taking On Freddy And Jason?

Bruce Campbell, who played Ash in the Evil Dead horror films, told SCI FI Wire that there is "some validity" to the rampant rumors about the possibility of a movie that would pit his character against Freddy of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise. But Campbell added that nothing is imminent.

"There's no way I'd be in it if I lost. No way."


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  1. jabberwokky says:

    There is no way Ash would lose. He'd be abused, smashed up and humiliated (by his own actions and a whimsically malevolent fate), but he'd come out on top.

    Beyond any charisma of the character, he's technically a good guy who always wins in the end (although often worse off than when the movie started[1]). The other two are bad guys who always lose... but are never defeated with finality.

    [1] The original "how many drops?" ending to AoD is far more in keeping with the tone of the movies. I generally prefer first version of movies I see (Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now), but the original ending of Armies (and Brazil) seemed to sum up the tone much better than the widespread original releases.

    • aprilized says:

      There was another ending to Brazil besides the one where he gets tortured...? If so..was that the original or the released version..?

        • lovingboth says:


          I can understand why - if it ended about 20 seconds earlier than the European version, it'd make more money. 'Up, up, up, THUNK down to the lowest point' is not the way to leave the audience feeling happy and recommending friends see it as a good laugh.

          But my ghod. Didn't Gilliam have any rights over the final cut?

          • jwz says:

            You could, you know, read the FAQ. The version with the eviscerated ending was never released theatrically; I think it was shown on network TV once.

            • lovingboth says:

              "The European Theatrical Release (ET) contains many items not in the American Theatrical and Video release (AT). These are [..]

              * The film ends starkly in the torture chamber, with no clouds surrounding Sam as he hums Brazil."

              It's been years since I saw it, but the last few seconds of the European version has Sam flying off... cut to the interrogator saying something like "We've lost him". Pull back to reveal we're in the chamber and Sam's in the chair, having gone insane. End credits.

              That FAQ answer says - to me - that the US version stopped with him flying off. Did it return to his fantasy after the "We've lost him" then?

              • jwz says:

                The US theatrical release makes it appear that Sam is drifting into a dream as he's dying -- but it's clear that he's really in the torture chamber.

                The "Love Conquers All" (TV) version has them riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after.