exterminate all rational garfield

Auto-generated Garfield strips: needless to say, much funnier than the original...

his milkshake brings all the dada to the yard


11 Responses:

  1. endquote says:


    Best. Query string argument. Ever.

  2. 33mhz says:

    It's a shame that this treatment isn't a one-to-one function.

    If it were, I bet we could apply the inverse to Pokey the Penguin and get 2 decades worth of coherent but bland punchlines.

    • ajaxxx says:

      on the other hand, you could run jerkcity through either the forward function or its inverse and not observe any change.

      which i suppose makes jerkcity an eigenvector of the decoherification matrix.

      • valacosa says:

        Bonus points for using the word "eigenvector" in this setting. Are you a physicist or a mathie?

        Why must you remind me of the homework I am at this second avoiding?

      • hafnir says:

        Assuming the eigenvalue is 1, no, else it grows or shrinks? (I've been away from algebra way too long!)

  3. hotabay says:

    And I'm sure it makes more sense than the movie will.

  4. bitwise says:

    I give it 24 hours until it's DMCA'd off the net.

  5. This one actually almost makes sense...

    I'm a link! Click me!

  6. violentbloom says:

    I can tell you I can hardly *wait* for the movie coming out. No really.

    • Here, have an imdb link, it works and everything.

      Hmm, Bill Murray as Garfield could work. And it's got Alan Cumming, so it must be good.

      • injector says:

        It has come full circle. Bill Murry played Peter Venkman in Ghost Busters. But in the cartoon the character was voiced by Lorenzo Music. Lorenzo did Garfield's voice in "Garfield and Friends". So naturally Bill Murry would have to be Garfield for the live action version.