El Presidente sure falls down a lot

"Iraqis are ready to "take the training wheels off" and assume political power, President Bush said Thursday."

"The president toppled over while riding a bicycle downhill on what the White House described as soil loosened by recent rainfall." (It hadn't rained in more than a week!) "'He had minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, upper lip, his nose, right hand and both knees,' White House spokesman Trent Duffy told reporters."

"Kerry told reporters in front of cameras, 'Did the training wheels fall off?'"

But is that last part bullshit? "Drudge and Washington Times cited each other in propagating anti-Kerry rumor"

(Wait, apparently there are people who think that Kerry ridiculing Bush is an "anti-Kerry rumor"? Huh?)

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  1. colubra says:

    Remember that story from about 5 months back about some appearance he was making and the strict instructions that he was not at any point to be allowed to stand on the soil? And the concrete walkway they built?
    Me, I think that the earth is out to get him.

  2. jlindquist says:

    Aaron Sorkin oughtta sue. He (and NBC?) has the copyright on presidential bicycle accidents...

    • beerfrick says:

      "He rode his bicycle into a tree, C.J., what do you want me --- The President while riding his bicycle on his vacation in Jackson Hole came to a sudden arboreal stop. What do you want from me?"

  3. jwilkins says:

    Actually it's Laura. Every once in a while George gets out of line and she mixes up a nice big batch of spousal abuse.

    Fell off his bike indeed..

  4. sunsetdriver says:

    "Wait, apparently there are people who think that Kerry ridiculing Bush is an "anti-Kerry rumor"? Huh?"

    yes, because it shows that kerry isn't playing nice like the republicans are. remember, the democrats are responsible for the decline in tone in american politics.

    i'd explain this in more detail, but i have to go watch "the o'reilly factor" and "hannity and colmes" now...

  5. volkris says:

    It may not have rained in a week, but there was SERIOUS rainfall in that part of the state a week before, with dams breaking, houses flooding, people being evacuated, etc.

    It hasn't rained in a week but the ground is still pretty muddy, especially in low areas. Considering where he was riding it's a perfectly reasonable statement.

  6. gths says:

    A grazed chin? Is that all he got? Wuss.

    When I last fell off my bike (well, OK, when I last ran into a parked car and then fell off my bike) I had to have 6 stitches put in my chin and two in my lip. Plus a crook calf muscle for a couple of months. Oh yeah, and I had to get a new frame for the bike.

    Doesn't matter, anyway, anything Bush says turns out to be anti-Bush in its effect.

  7. robcallahan says:

    Four years ago, I think it was, the NY Times turned Al Gore's reference to "information superhighway" legislation he had spearheaded during the early nineties into, "I invented the internet."

    Then there's the fraud epidemic at the paper, personified in Jayson Blair.

    Then there's the fact that they have more influence over what trickles down to your local paper than Reuters and the AP combined.

    All the News That's Fit to Make Up...

    • vample says:

      Al Gore didn't 'invent' the internet, he 'created' it.

      The sentence was "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

      So while he certainly didnt claim to 'invent' it, he did stretch the truth suggesting that it was due to legislation he put forth that we have this interweb thing at all.

      • jwz says:

        Snopes says that there doesn't seem to even be any significant legislation that Gore was behind, despite the fact that Vint Cerf came to his defense (saying not much more than that Gore was "highly supportive" of post-ARPA NSFNET.)

  8. ronbar says:

    He's the new Gerald Ford. If they make fun of him on SNL the way Chevy Chase made fun of Ford, NBC would have its broadcast licenses revoked by the FCC. Long live the king.

    Personally I think it was another drunken accident, like the "pretzel-choking" incident shortly after his reign began. His dogs weren't alarmed by him being alone and passing out from "choking" because they're used to seeing him get drunk and pass out. The great thing was that the White House even admitted at the time that he was drinking beer.

    • taffer says:

      Does American beer count as "alcohol" or was he drinking an import?

      • travisd says:

        Technically, yes - it counts as alcohol, but not actually as beer.

      • First off, Canadian beer does count?

        Second, it seems pretty probable that Bush would drink Corona, given the people he's used to exploiting... er, I mean governing. Perhaps he'd make a bow towards supporting US industry and drink Tequiza instead. But I doubt it, hypocrisy being over his head, never mind irony.

  9. belgand says:

    Frankly I can't believe this is actually considered news. It's like saying he tripped walking down the stairs and thus, must be a complete fucking idiot who never learned how to walk.

    I may not like his ideas or policies and I can rightly qualify them as stupid and idiotic. I think he's a very poor public speaker and has made numerous bad decisions about a variety of things, but I honestly don't really know that much about him as a person and I really don't think that most of it matters. If he has a legitimate alcohol problem (or may have in the past) then yes, that's valid as it may have a significant impact, but this sort of childish mudslinging is merely that -- childish.