dnalounge updatelet

DNA Lounge updatelet, wherein nobody gets shot.

6 Responses:

  1. loosechanj says:

    What a shame. But I suppose that's what <lj user="octal">'s journal is for.

  2. violentbloom says:

    That disclive thing is pretty fucking cool. Did you see any of the equiptment? How big was it?

  3. aprilized says:

    The Pixies seem to be doing this at every show...I think it's a great idea...not only a live disc but one of the show you've seen...also, I'm sure the record companies can't get a piece of it...which is always nice...

    The biggest obstacle facing bands in the past was distribution; they could record on their own but couldn't get it spread around....This tech seems to have taken care of that. Profits for the artists and not the leeches...

  4. they did this at EN as well (but missed the impromptu last encore, unfortunately, which was great). amazing.