"By training intense electron beams on the surface of metals, Bruce Dance and his team have found a way to fashion delicate metal projections that will act like ultra-strong Velcro to form much tougher joints between metals and lightweight composite materials in aircraft and cars. The projections could be used to encourage bone to grow onto artificial hips. They could also be used in electronics to produce heat sinks of just about any shape."

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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I blame Tex Avery

Flying Turtle:
"There was a loud crash. When I looked up, there was glass all over me and a turtle sitting beside me in my van," the 45-year-old Deerfield Beach resident said. "It seemed like it happened in slow motion."

The turtle suffered minor cuts to its tail and back legs, but the shell was not damaged. Glaister walked away without a scratch.

Glaister was heading north on I-95 when he noticed the turtle attempting to cross the interstate. "I saw the turtle crossing the road when it was slightly clipped by the truck in front of me, which sent it flying into the air and through my windshield," he said.

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dnalounge updatelet

DNA Lounge updatelet, wherein shirts and videos are indicated.

it's comin' right for us