I like popcorn

Crazy Legs Conti:

To mark the premiere on Tuesday of a film about his life as a competitive eater, Crazy Legs Conti is trying to eat his way out of a telephone booth-size structure filled with popcorn.

Conti, 33, donned a diving mask and snorkel on Tuesday inside the lobby of the Manhattan movie theater that will show the film and lowered himself into a "popcorn sarcophagus," a wooden, windowed structure, to begin munching.

He vowed to eat his way through the 50 cubic feet of salted, buttered popcorn in about eight hours, in time for the movie's premiere on Tuesday evening.


enough about cicadias already

 bezoar:  The sound of the phaser in the original Star Trek TV series was the sound of a cicada brood. I know this because I went on a camping trip in 1982, just as these little fuckers were coming out of the trees and flying everywhere. I woke up, and heard the sound of phasers, everywhere around me.

Worst. camping. trip. ever.

 jwz:  I had no idea there was so much Cronenberg technology lurking in the Federation's past. Just think what the Phaser Breeding Vats must be like!
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rocket launched from secret floating-island base

I hadn't heard about this: apparently there's a company called Sea Launch who put satellites into orbit from a modified oil platform on the equator in the Pacific:

Update: There was a good, detailed article about these and related folks in The Atlantic in 2003.

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