when similes go wrong

Cicadas 'like a yard full of chicken nuggets':

When millions of cicadas emerge across the eastern United States for a rare mating season, they will appear as tasty morsels to pets. The insects are protein-rich but their hard outer shells can cause vomiting and constipation in cats and dogs, said Randall Lockwood, vice president for the Humane Society of the United States.

"Imagine a yard full of chicken nuggets, that's sort of what it's going to be like" for dogs and cats, Lockwood said Tuesday.

Millions of the large, red-eyed insects will soon emerge from the ground for a once-every-17-years mating dance lasting well into June.

That's right, chicken nuggets. Crunchy, red-eyed chicken nuggets.


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  1. ammonoid says:

    I was living in DC in 1987 when they last showed up. When they come out of their little larval stage they are pure white with red eyes...and like 2.5 inches long. Very creepy looking. Our cat went nuts trying to catch them.

    • Yeah, me too. I was rather young at the time, but I remember being a bit grossed out at first, but boyhood bug-fascination quickly took over. Plus their discarded exoskeletons were pretty cool to collect. They still had quite a bit of gripping power.

      • ammonoid says:

        Yes..the discarded exoskeltons of the larvae were interesting. I was in 6th grade and the boys in my class quickly took bug torture to a new art form that year. They used to play cicada baseball with a stick, cuz you could hit them, and then they'd start flying, but they fly so slowly because they're so fat.

  2. rawdogue says:

    My parents' dog Sara LOVED to eat these. It was disgusting to watch, yet facinating. They didn't have to feed her all summer that year. Unfortunately she died of liver failure at a young age (6), so I can only assume that locusts are really bad for you (also like chicken mcnuggets.)

  3. suppafly says:

    the pets at my dad's house love to eat cicadas.. the cats esp. like to play with them a while and then eat them.

  4. ronbar says:

    I've lived in the DC area all my life and the only plague of cicadas I remember was in 1979 or 1980, when I was six. That rocked.

    I've loved the sound of cicadas on a summer night since then, especially when swimming. When I listen to REM's "Night Swimming", I think of the sound of cicadas.

    • rawdogue says:

      That's the same plague I remember as a kid, and I grew up in West Virginia. We had fun hanging the little shells all over our clothes. The second one, when the dog was eating them, was in 1996. I suppose there is different plague 'timing' depending on where you live.

      I could look it up, but I'm too lazy.

  5. mrmustard says:

    My friend had a spider monkey. During a infestation of gypsy moths the monkey was let out of its cage and went nuts eating gypsy moth caterpillars. Green goo was running down his little face.

    The we saw him lean on hand against a tree and retch like a drunken sailor.

    • dustout says:

      we gets tons of these every year... is that not common everywhere? I live in Oklahoma

      • mrmustard says:

        In the northeast we always have some gypsie moths... but ocasionally we get massive infestations.

      • jwz says:

        You get tons of drunken spider monkeys every year? Cool!

        • asan102 says:

          I was thinking the same thing...

          Also, you must be doing something with your journal (or else the LJ people are) because I'm seeing a page full of

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          on the Reply page.
          Now I have to guess which [ml_getter not defined] is the post button and which is the Preview...