I, for one, welcome our new eight-wheeled robot overlords.

Octopus: An Autonomous Wheeled Climbing Robot with Tactile Wheels

"The idea is to have a tactile wheel that is able to detect and locate physical contact to the terrain surface on its circumference. A motorized tactile wheel was designed using 16 infrared sensors, which measure the tire deformation caused by the ground contact forces. This measurement gives the contact points an approximation of the normal contact forces acting on the wheel. The mechanical design allows the sensors to be fixed on the wheel hub. The advantage is that the sensors do not turn with the wheel rims and the tire."

6 Responses:

  1. ultranurd says:

    Why can't my robotics program get the money for one of these?

    Add this to the paper I just read about localization and mapping with sonars and stereo cameras, and I feel like our poor little Magellan Pros just aren't up to snuff. :o(

    Still... sooo cool. :o)

  2. mackys says:

    ...how many days before this device is included in some Japanese porno.

  3. marm0t says:

    i really need to create a "memories" category reserved just for your "i, for one, welcome our ________" posts.

  4. drsmax says:

    I want to make a pair of skates out of these mofos.