DNA Lounge: Wherein you are instructed to make any necessary last-minute repairs on your Halloween costume.

I assume you all realize how much we like Halloween around these parts. Well, this year we decided to celebrate Halloween again, roughly six months out of phase. Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to get infected with...

SEE!  The Shambling Horrors of the Unliving!
GASP!  As they perform Acts of Cabaret guaranteed to Astound!
JOIN!  The Ranks of the Undead! -- with a Zombie Makeover courtesy of our Professional Zombifiers!
TAX!  Your big juicy creative brain and come in costume (zombie or otherwise) for our Fabulous Cash Prize Costume Contest!
DANCE!  To Ghoulish Rock & Roll from DJs Melting Girl & Miz Margo!
Brought to you by the scienticians of Zombie Pinups, Spectacular Spectacular, and, of course, the Almighty Power of RADIATION!
saturday - SATURDAY - saturday
April 24, 2004

9pm - 3am.
$10 in costume;
$15 without.

We sent someone dressed as a zombie down to Death Guild tonight to flyer for this (how cool is that?), and I went down there hoping to get some photos, but by the time I got there, he had run out of flyers and shambled off in search of braaaaains.

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