"Ya Allah! Be fass bi rassi!"

Remember, folks: March 2 is the official
"Stab Your Kid In The Head With A Big Fucking Knife" Day.


22 Responses:

  1. 33mhz says:

    Look at the kid. He's acquired the taste of human blood. Now nothing short of a stake through the heart will quench his unholy thirst.

  2. pdx6 says:

    Mmm... the flesh of a baby.

  3. bdu says:

    Eh, we chop off large bits of our boys' penises. Everybody is whacked in some way.

    • buz says:

      "WE"? Whaderya mean "WE", white man?
      MY boy is WHOLE.
      He's gonna scare the hell outta someone when he gets older (I hope).

      Is there some reason AP posted THIS shot instead of others where I'm sure the kids are screaming? I wonder.

    • ralesk says:

      Shiïtes:USA 2:1.

  4. ofsilence says:

    Shit! That's right! Sorry, gotta go.

  5. lars_larsen says:

    Doh! I forgot my kid AND my big fucking knife.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    ooh, next MEAT flyer....

  7. king_mob says:

    Jesus fuck, I didn't think I could still be shocked by anything.

  8. quasidan says:

    Well, you know what they say... If you don't have a camel in Iraq, you ain't shiite.

    • giantlaser says:

      Jokes aside, they don't really have camels here. Sure, they exist. But horses and donkeys are far more common. You only see camels in the deep desert of the western part of the country, near Jordan. The center and left of the country is like the San Fernando valley.

  9. flipzagging says:

    Ashoura. Has it been a year already?

  10. elmofromok says:

    and i used to bitch about getting swats...

  11. rin3y says:

    Screw other cultures. That's just fucked up.


  12. ammonoid says:

    Nothing says love like a big knife to the forehead.

  13. hissilliness says:

    The kid seems remarkably mellow about this. Makes me feel kinda stupid about the yelping and sobbing I did when I got a splinter last week.

  14. brad says:

    Stupid culture. Now, if the kids were old enough to do it on their own, on their own decision, sure. But cutting a baby who has no clue what's going on? Fuck that.