who did your neighbor give money to?

Fundrace 2004 Neighbor Search lets you see a list of the names of everyone in your zip code who gave money to candidate, and how much. There are also national and street maps.

"Don't suspect your neighbor! Report him!"

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7 Responses:

  1. Wow, only 2 people in my hometown show up.

  2. myasma says:

    I ended up spending almost an hour perusig the various neighborhoods of my town--Now I know a lot more about some people than I did. It's kind of creepy, really.

  3. soshesays says:

    My ex donated $911 to GWB. My oh my how things change.

  4. mpnolan says:

    My friend's step-mom donated $250 to GWB. What an idiot.

  5. zhixel says:

    The only person in my small southern virginia county to donate anything gave $50 to Howard Dean.

    Southern VA is still pretty heavy on GWB overall though.

  6. burma says:

    iiinteresting. wonder how berkeley (94709) would feel about the pyramid brewery guy giving $2000 to gwb. also, found out the addresses of some pretty important people this way. wonder if they realized.

    also the bush family contributed to bush but it seems like the kerries and deanies didn't seem to care...