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"Stacy" takes place at the beginning of the 21st century, when teenage girls around the world have suddenly been dying - after a brief bout of giddiness called "Near Death Happiness" - and rising as flesh-eating zombies. And those zombies can only be destroyed by being cut into 165 pieces.
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33 Responses:

  1. jerronimo says:

    I, for one, welcome the giggling zombie-killing bunny-suit-wearing chainsaw-wielding Japanese shoolgirls.

  2. twiin says:

    It's a fantastic movie -- if you get a chance to pick it up, grab it.

  3. travisd says:

    Wow - for some reason I think this post might be fscking up _my_ friends list. I get the link and the current music at the top of the page, no side navigation bar, and then just the other normally formatted posts from the other friends. Bizarre...

    • jc says:

      Yup, there's something weird with the closing tags.

    • balaji says:

      same here. badly formatted html i guess.

      • jwz says:

        Let this be your wake-up call to stop using LJ styles that do not put each entry inside its own table.

        • travisd says:

          OK.... Fair enough :)

          Since my HTML skills have remained firmly stuck in 1994, is there a good way to tell this? Guess it's off to figure out how to pick a new style now...

        • cvisors says:

          Thanks for that I was wondering why this had occured. time to change my lj style.


        • suppafly says:

          or stop befriending people that post stuff that breaks your friends-page.

          • cvisors says:

            well I could do that, but it had happened before by other friends of mine, and I had no idea why.. my html is some what rudimentory, but a style change which I had been meaning to do anyway.


        • jwm says:

          That just allows a completely different set of html tag fumbles to screw up your friends page.

          What we really need is a basic html tag check in the journal entry editor that has a grizzle if you try and close a tag you haven't opened. But until then, how about poping the /td/tr on the inside of the table closure? TIA

          • jwz says:

            Yes, it was broken, but like I said, it looked fine for me in "Generator", so some styles screw you less hard when dealing with real-world html errors.

            LJ tries to do auto-correction of broken HTML, but it's extremely un-smart about it, and usually just makes it worse.

            • jwm says:

              Ah - so LJ decided to add /td/tr at the end of the post to close some open tags, but it fails to care about scope. Helpful.

              I guess I'll put it on my list busted software I ought to write a patch for one day. I expect the lack of sticky "Don't auto-format" will drive me to look at the LJ source eventually.

        • jes5199 says:

          lj barfs, even on tabled styles, when you don't close every item in your tables-- it will try to close TD and TR at the end of your post! far far after your table has passed

          maybe you should kick brad in the knees.

  4. killerweasel says:

    Drat, Netflix doesn't have it.

  5. suppafly says:

    that looks hot.

  6. neondonkey says:

    Bud, your HTML is all fucked up. Instead of a proper </td></tr></table>, you've got </table></tr></td>, which, to web geeks like myself, is like having the yolk outside the shell. This seems to be screwing a lot of journals' friends pages. Just thought you should know...

  7. terrible. not entertaining in the least. don't bother with this stinker.