"These are my BRAAAAAAAIIIIINNS, eat them in rememberance of me."

I know it's like shooting corpses in a barrel, but there have been a lot of great headlines lately:

And today:

Update: Oh, even better!
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  1. tjcrowley says:

    I'm just happy that the top two movies in the country are about zombies.

    Also, my pet name for that Jesus flick is "The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre".

    • jwz says:

      Dude, Jesus was a vampire, not a zombie, everybody knows that. See also The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (1868-1975)

      • tjcrowley says:

        They're both still horror movies. And quite frankly. Christianity has spawned so many zombies we might as well be living in the world of George Romero.

        I do have to agree, though -- there is much more proof that Jesus was a vampire.

      • tjcrowley says:

        I can't actually claim to be the originator of the name. That honor goes to my good friend, <lj user=dgkgoldberg>. She came up with it about a week before the movie came out.

        She also wrote a piece for me called "Hookers in the Holy Land", all about prostitutes in Jerusalem. and the first time I met her, we were both piss drunk and she told me about how she'd killed her mother the week before. Someday I will takew her drinking at the DNA, and we'll hit the bar guarantee all by ourselves.

    • stypica says:

      nice... the only one I've heard so far was "The Gospel According to Mad Max"

  2. asan102 says:

    Robot Jesus? Wonder how much that'll be going for on eBay. Actually, I wouldn't mind one myself. I imagine it has a controller which causes chunks of flesh to be ripped off when you press a button. doesn't get much more sadistic than that.

    Could someone explain what exactly Zombies have to do with that RIAA article? Is "Zombies" the media's new pet name for Denial of Service attacks?

    Oh, and by the way, Dawn of the Dead was AWESOME.

    • jwz says:

      I assume "zombie" refers to infected machines participating in the DDoS without their owners' consent.

  3. "Sweet zombie Jesus, it's huge!"

  4. quercus says:

    Ain't all bad news. The resurgence of interest in crucifixion movies is getting "The Life of Brian" re-released in US cinemas.