The Jack Chick movie is out!

Jack Chick Publications' DVD debut, The Light of the World, is a series of paintings strung together under voiceover narration, similar to a Ken Burns documentary. It's a hodgepodge of Biblical and Chick comic book storylines, presented in lurid color and jarring voiceover. The movie is creepy and obviously aimed at elementary school children; imagine Mr. Rogers reading Slayer lyrics.

The first chapter is a goofy retelling of Genesis. Adam is nondescript; Eve is an idealized 50s housewife, all round, rosy-cheeked and pleasantly vacant. Satan is a rainbow-colored snakeman who could work nights as a comic book villain. Eve gets Vampirella's eyebrows after she eats the plum-tomato-like fruit of evil.

After that, Satan controls the world. [...]

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18 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    I love the pic of the angel tossing the little boy into the fire.

  2. rin3y says:

    "You can almost feel the crackling flames of hell as you watch!"

    Whoa. That should go on the "Special Features" list of the DVD, right between "Interactive Menus" and "Scene Selection".


  3. taffer says:

    imagine Mr. Rogers reading Slayer lyrics

    Best mental image EVAR!!!1!!

  4. sincere religious fanatic, or marketing genius / diabolical comic mastermind? as a non christian, i'm curious. only $19.95 for what could quiet possibly be the reefer madness of christianity.

    • thealien says:

      Jack Chick is certainly sincere. You might say a lot of bad things about him, were you so inclined, but he is certainly passionate and sincere.

    • arensb says:

      sincere religious fanatic, or marketing genius / diabolical comic mastermind?

      As far as I can tell, Jack Chick is sincere. He's been doing his thing for years, way past the point where the joke would have stopped being funny.

      I'm hoping to put something up about him on <lj user="bad_christians"> if time permits.

  5. solarbird says:

    Satan doesn't look like a comic book villian; Satan looks like a Monty Python animation. At least, if this one still is any indication.

  6. jonabbey says:

    The film's highlight is its heart-tugging invitation to trust Christ. After seeing from the Scriptures that either heaven or hell will be their eternal home, viewers have the opportunity, while their hearts are still tender, to pray the sinner's prayer and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

    Emotional manipulation and brain washing never sounded so sunny.

  7. ronbar says:

    According to Jack Chick, Mel Gibson worships the Whore of Babylon and is headed straight for Hell (or at least the worse neighborhoods in purgatory) unless he is born again and keeps a King James bible in his jock strap. Unfortunately for Jack Chick, Mel Gibson's movie is by all accounts a lot better and will probably bring a Hell of a lot more people to Christ. Pun intended.

    I wonder whose method grants you more karma? Trying to draw people to spirituality through a highly commercial semi-accurate portrayal of historic accounts, or trying to scare people into thinking that they'd better don a hollow shell of spirituality and chant a few mantras to trick God into not throwing them into hell?

    I'm hoping Passion will come out on video soon. It's not the type of movie on which I'm willing to risk $7-$10 to see just once.

    • jwz says:

      I dunno, I think Chick's movie sounds a lot more entertaining. For one thing, it has a plot. I have zero desire to watch a man be tortured to death for two hours. Though I understand that a lot of people go in for that (Jackass, Faces of Death, Bob Flanagan, etc.)

      So, yeah, I really want to see the Chick movie, as soon as I can figure out a way to do so without giving that vicious little man any of my money. But I can't even imagine wanting to sit through Gibson's snuff flick.

  8. tokyolove says:

    Mexicans are going to hell? o_O