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Now that is a Batmobile:

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  1. xtat says:

    even Batman went SUV :(

  2. candid says:

    That's the new movie where Batman takes on Bigfoot and Grave Digger?

  3. ding_0_ says:

    Darn, before I read the title I thought the Death Guild had built a new car for Kurt.

  4. scosol says:

    agreed- though lets hope somebody finally gets the "afterburner" effect right-
    some trickles of flames coming from that nozzle are *not* indicative of a 30x boost in thrust-
    i want to see an intense jet extending 50 ft out the back with flames wisping in the associated vortices

  5. deadprogrammer says:

    Holy crap, the new batmobile is a tractor.
    I guess they are not doing an Aronofsky screenplay. That sucks.

    • transiit says:

      IMDB reports it'll be David Goyer's screenplay.

      Although I'm surprised to see Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox and Gary Oldman as Gordon.

      Perhaps somebody over at Warner is beating the hell out of anyone that was involved with the last few?

    • grahams says:

      Aronofsky couldn't do it because the duct tape wouldn't stick to Batman's chest plate and so he wouldn't know what to do with the camera.

  6. jagger says:

    <geek mode="comics.batman">
    please let this be related to the annual post march festivities.

  7. fortysevenbteg says:

    From what I've read Bruce's first vehicle is either based on or a conversion, perhaps, of a military vehicle that his company makes.

    My initial reaction was one of extreme caution, and then it turned to wonder. Now I'm really really juiced to find out what the rest of this movie is like.

  8. lars_larsen says:

    Arnold schwarzenegger already ordered 3.

  9. transgress says:



  10. dagbrown says:

    Awesome! They're making a movie of The Dark Knight Returns! Will they get Ronald Reagan to play Ronald Reagan?

    • owejive says:

      i'd love to see the ol' bat tank (as rendered in DKR) appear in a movie. but this is close enough for now :)

      side note: the "batman: dead end" film is another pretty decent nod to miller's dark knight

  11. jotunheim says:

    Holy gas guzzler, Batman!

  12. belgand says:

    Man, and to think the original Batmobile was just a plain red sports car.

  13. baconmonkey says:

    so perhaps that fanboy video way right, ripley and crew will help The Angst of The Batman do battle with xenomorphs after all.

  14. retardotron says:

    I'm still trying to figure out the application of a vehicle like this... too beefy for street use and too low for real offroading.
    If anything, it looks like Batman just wants to do some really badass doughnuts on the Gotham High football field.

    • quercus says:

      It's the tow truck from Aliens 2, to recover the rubbish zero-ground-clearance tank in that movie.

      Maybe it would work for Robotwars on a very large billiard table ?

  15. zenmonkeykstop says:


  16. ronbar says:

    You could harvest a lot of grain with that.