Tagger Trap

Graffiti alarm:
Taggertrap uses audio sensors that are programmed to recognize the sound of an aerosol can in use -- and nothing else. The sensors trigger a silent response that alerts police, giving them a chance to catch offenders before they flee.

This wouldn't help us at the club, though, because all of our vandals use magic markers, not spray cans.

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  1. marklyon says:

    Couldn't you do something pressure-sensitive on the door? Or, perhaps, get a roll-down gate to protect the doorway cove during "closed" hours?

    • marklyon says:

      Also, I've not seen the exterior (but hope to on my soon-to-happen trip to your area) but from the photos it always looks like your building is poorly lighted. Perhaps some exterior lighting would go a long way toward deterring vandals?

      If they know they'll be seen, perhaps the wussier of their ilk won't feel the need to be seen practicing their craft.

      • raindrift says:

        Perhaps even one of those irritating yet useful motion-sensor lights. They tend to draw even more attention to what's going on beneath them, since people look when they see a light turn on.

  2. The smell of the marker is probably even easier to detect. A sensor for urine is probably possible too.

    • fzou says:

      Perhaps jwz could hire some petrol or glue sniffers to act as gargoyles above the club's door, noses at the ready?

  3. primroseport says:

    You'd also have to ban all songs from the DJs or the bands that use aerosal spray samples! Well, maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

  4. lrc says:

    Are there (inexpensive) sensors that can trigger on the sovlents used in magic markers?

  5. jackbrinks says:

    Snipers on the roof across the street when the club is closed?

  6. loosechanj says:

    So the vandals hack up aerosol silencers. Once word gets around about these things, vandals fuck with police by spraying right at them (unless they're hidden) and running away. And in the case of hiding them, vandals spray for say a minute, find a convenient hiding place nearby and if cops show up they find another wall to work on.

  7. denshi says:

    Have you already spec'd out and passed over rotating knives and random gouts of flame?

  8. marcus132 says:

    Didn't they have things like this in the movie Demolition Man?

    I think those actually lasered the graffiti off the walls too.

  9. suppafly says:

    Just get better camera's then you could post detailed pictures of the vandels.

  10. adameros says:

    I wonder how effective it is with some of the newer "silent" tips?

  11. Clearly what you need is one of these, trained to recognise a slightly different silhouette, obviously....

    (As an aside, the Traptec thing apparently uses "ultrasonic detection of a spray paint discharge"; that might not be so easy to silence against.)

    • asan102 says:

      I was thinking of the ways in which a high-tech tampon would solve this problem... until I actually visited the page, that is.

  12. jkonrath says:

    When you put lightbulbs in that thing, drill a small hole in the glass and fill the bulb with gunpowder.

    I would probably paint everything with some kind of graffiti-resistant stuff, if such a thing really works. graffitimaster.com has a bunch of stuff that purports to do this.

  13. acpizza says:

    A small, very hot zirconium detector (modified late-model automotive oxygen sensor?) might be able to detect the presence of hydrocarbons solvents in the air.

    Erm, it might also detect the alcohol on people's breath at that sensitivity too, making it useless in a club environment, lol. I'm not sure.

  14. bazil says:

    You need to buy Taggertrap, and hack it to listen for the squeal of magic marker on the doors/walls. Notify by pager, or to a system near your security monitors.

    And then traps like they had in Indiana Jones. Like giant oak-stumps with large steel spikes, spinning and screeching and things.

    It would go well with the atmosphere of the club. The authorities would never know.

  15. rosefox says:

    Do you have a graffiti wall/room? At alt.coffee in New York, their bathroom basically has TAG ME, er, written all over it. The rest of the place is immaculate.

    • kchrist says:

      I wouldn't think that catering to vandals is the best way to go about this.

      But it probably wouldn't work here anyway. I'm sure that coffee shop and this club have slightly different clientele, not to mention that the tagging, being on the outside wall, isn't necessarily done by the patrons of the club.

  16. jlindquist says:

    because all of our vandals use magic markers, not spray cans

    Not to mention their penises.