Radio Vox Populi

Radio Vox Populi:
  • Take the text of random blogs;
  • Feed through random robot voices;
  • Embed in an antique tube radio;
  • ...
  • Profit!
Listen here.

Compare to: Spam Radio.

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12 Responses:

  1. azul_ros says:

    That is very cool! What a great idea!

  2. volkris says:

    I tuned in just to see what it was... but man, that's strangely captivating.

    If the voices were more realistic I might listen more...

    All of these confusing feelings!

  3. rin3y says:

    I hope they taught it to pronounce such cheerful molestations of the English language as "OMG!!!11!1", "lollerz", and "<3", or else the majority of the blogosphere (a horrid word in itself) will be unintelligible gibberish.


  4. jakenelson says:

    Fascinating. Voices are a little warbly, but it's interesting.

    'they were suuuuuuuuuuue pretty'
    'amazon dot ampersand hash'

    Song lyrics are especially amusing.

    The 'continue reading my site' at the end of most of them is a little odd... artifact of the source?

  5. baconmonkey says:

    cool idea, but guh, the vox hurts, it's sooo eratic and pulsey. it does not handle fast speech rates well.

    There are good text-to-speech thingers out there.

    Though I spose with things like LJ moods, a version of it could alter the tone/rate to match the mood. Though hearing a cherrful voice read off some woe-is-me teenage angst is pretty funny.

  6. 33mhz says:

    I was listening to this in the background, when I heard "yet another reason to use linux". I get this funny feeling like you could set a watch based on the frequency of that phrase.

  7. Kind of reminded me of Tom Jennings' Storyteller.

  8. vjacob says:

    Reminds me somewhat of visual words and sentences that was shown at a Massive Attack live show at Roskildes Festival. The words were all suggested prior to show by fans, through Massive Attack web page, announced especially on festival homepage. It was interesting to see what was shown, of the many suggestions people wrote. and