Pharoah Will Be Pleased

People often ask me how a man of leisure such as myself fills his days.

By clicking magnetic rods and steel balls together. For as long as it takes.

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28 Responses:

  1. erorus says:

    Holy crap, very cool. Not to be ungrateful, but do you have any larger images so we can see better detail? 1024x768 or bigger?

  2. nester says:

    oh man.. i have a small set of those.. i wish i had the jwz-size set.. :envy:

    • asan102 says:

      I too have a small set of those... as in, six (now I've lost one and it's 5) - just enough to make one small triangle. they also have some drug name printed on them. Oh how I wish I had the Big Kids Model.

      For those of you wondering about scale, if these are indeed the same as the ones I have, they are about 5 inches long and each have a magnet in each end. They are connected with metal balls the size of a small marble.

  3. forthdude says:

    Very cool. Reminds me of the old tetra kites.

    What's the non-fractal looking thing on the left tetrahedron? And while I'm prying, what's that in the background (the collagey looking wall hanging)?

    • tfofurn says:

      If I had to guess, I'd say it's the beginning of the "back" tetrahedron. It will be amazing to see if the shape will hold solidly for the "top" tetrahedron. I guess the bowing would be diminished by all of the other structure, but it seems optimistic to me to expect all that weight to rest on three points.

      Actually, that's an even bigger question: how will he add the top one?

      • jwz says:

        That question will remain unanswered, because I'm out of parts. I'd need around 350 more sticks to build the top pyramid; probably 450 when factoring in the necessary temporary supports, since the level 4 tetrahedrons are very unstable until they're almost complete.

        • tfofurn says:

          I'm assuming you're using the SuperMag kits. Long rods? Short rods? I'm trying to guesstimate how efficiently you're able to use the materials given the packages available.

    • cje says:

      what's that in the background (the collagey looking wall hanging)?

      It's a bunch of photos of friends and whatnot. It's what he did with his time before he discovered the magnets...

  4. idcmp says:

    Is that The CD Rack in the background?

  5. phreddiva says:

    What the heck is the scale on that? Forgive my ignorance - if I knew the size of your naked metal people I wouldn't have to ask. :)

  6. A giant magnetic media erazer? I see.

    • No, silly! It combines fractal mathematics, pyramid power, and magnetic fields to grant its user immortality!

      Damn, I'm starting to sound like Alex Chiu.

  7. tfofurn says:

    I was going to relate it to Futurama's A Pharaoh to Remember, but then I realized that no bending is involved.

  8. flummox says:

    A large scale 3D Sierpinski gasket. Excellent! :)

  9. kyronfive says:

    Ordinarily i'd be all like 'ooh, glow in the dark thingies, ooh' but i just found out that RevCo and Ministry are touring together in the summer so i'm bouncing up and down and not paying attention to anything else....

  10. travisd says:

    I hear it's much more profitable than running a night club.

  11. lars_larsen says:

    Imagine if you could see the magnetic field lines!

  12. confuseme says:

    "A king whose power is unlimited, and whose treasures surmount all real and imaginary wants, is compelled to solace, by the erection of a Pyramid, the satiety of dominion and tastelessness of pleasures, and to amuse the tediousness of declining life, by seeing thousands labouring without end, and one stone, for no purpose, laid upon another."

    Well, I guess at least you only take it out on yourself.

  13. robcallahan says:

    I want to see a Koch Snowflake.

  14. violentbloom says:

    this is what you do instead of going to lunch with me??

    oh and I got laid off, more time for my own leisure pursuits.
    oh joy.

  15. joeygibson says:

    I have several of those GeoMag kits, though all total I think I've got maybe 100 rods and the associated metal balls. The kits are expensive, so I have to moderate my acquisition of them, darn it. They are great fun to build with, though the magnets can affect a monitor from close to a foot away!