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DNA Lounge update, wherein we feel the love for webcasts, paint, and urine.
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  1. treylis says:

    That situation obviously calls for some kind of Rube Goldberg device to drop down a bucket of water/paint/urine, or perhaps an anvil, when somebody enters the "no-no zone" and begins tagging the door, either with a spraycan or other tool.

    • travisd says:

      Maybe just water sprayers that webcast viewers can trigger - not to spray the tagger, but to wash down the door making the troll's "masterpiece" run into the street.

    • xenogram says:

      Hmm, urine is saline. If there was a grate along the bottom of the door, it would run down there and could trigger an electrical switch to start the sprinkler...

      Unfortunately, if you wanted to wash away the paint, you'd need to fill the sprinklers with turpentine. That'd stink worse than the urine, and sooner or later some wanker would piss on his door just so they could set it on fire.

      My fence used to get tagged, but it was a white fence, and I had a can of white spray-paint.

  2. wlylj says:

    "In better news, some filthy little gutterpunk both tagged, and then peed on, our front door this evening. Oh wait, that's not good news either! Well, if you happen to see the smirking little shitworm pictured below, please beat him to death with a lead pipe."

    I have jwz on my friends list!