Bad News Day, part 2: E-Votes Could Flip Napa Race

Lost E-Votes Could Flip Napa Race

Napa Registrar of Voters John Tuteur said they discovered the problem on Thursday while conducting a manual recount of 1 percent of precincts, to verify accuracy, a statewide practice. Tuteur said after counting a sample of 60 paper ballots from one precinct, officials discovered that the number of votes did not match the number of votes the machine recorded for that precinct. [...]

"If the problem had occurred with their electronic ballots or with the tabulation software (that sits on the county server) they would have been hard pressed to reconstruct their election," she said. "Or they might not have ever known there was a problem at all. If they were doing the manual count on the electronic ballots there would be no record to look at to determine what the accurate vote count should be."

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  1. That doesn't surprise me.

  2. alexavier says:

    How cool it is to see
    a now playing list.

    How are they these days??? Any clue.


  3. sheilagh says:

    going to promote registering to vote? Your clientele seems to be people that I would definitely WANT to have voting...