Bad News Day, part 1: FBI adds to wiretap wish list

FBI adds to wiretap wish list

A far-reaching proposal from the FBI, made public Friday, would require all broadband Internet providers, including cable modem and DSL companies, to rewire their networks to support easy wiretapping by police.

Legal experts said the 85-page filing includes language that could be interpreted as forcing companies to build back doors into everything from instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs to Microsoft's Xbox Live game service. The introduction of new services that did not support a back door for police would be outlawed, and companies would be given 15 months to make sure that existing services comply.


5 Responses:

  1. ivan_ghandhi says:

    They have this shit in Russia - so what? Who can prevent people from using a) pgp, b) steganography, and c) both of them, combined.

    • jwz says:

      You might try phrasing it another way: "what can convince people to use encryption tools?" So far, the answer appears to be "nothing."

    • Making it illegal to traffic in the software that performs those functions. The FBI's already tried to do that repeatedly, this is just the latest version.

  2. 5tephe says:

    I have to admit being a complete N00b (is that right) compared to you guys- I know fuck all about encryption in the first place- but my take on the matter is this:
    What about all us aliens? 90% of the sites and companies on the net are USAan, aren't they?
    Will this proposal (if taken up by your parliament) allow the FBI access to snoop around after MY internet activity? and that of all my other friends who do not fall under the jurisdiction of your Federal poice?
    It's this kind of insular parochialism that really pisses off a lot of the rest of the world when USAan legislators go all gung ho.

    • dk379 says:

      you just sit and wait until US invades couple of more terrorist-supported nations and starts a war on terrorism over the internet.

      Remember those .sigs from USENET days with `iraq contras FBI heroin' in them? Not funny anymore.