As Authorized by The Telecommunication Breakdown Act of 1995

Greg Deocampo of Emergency Broadcast Network has a bunch of videos on his web site -- some new stuff, and some old EBN stuff that I hadn't seen before! As your attorney, I advise you to watch these immediately.

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7 Responses:

  1. ronbar says:

    How would we watch these on non-Microsoft platforms? It's sending video/x-ms-wmv, which I guess is Windows Media... is there a Windows Media for Mac or something?

    I could watch them on my laptop, but it's old and slow and has only 40 megs of memory, which appears to be barely enough to boot Windows Media 9 for Windows these days. I understand Windows Media 6.4 plays all the current formats and would run on my laptop, but Microsoft pretends it doesn't exist.

  2. All I can say is... KICK ASS.

    I wish he'd, (they'd) put this out on a format that's all nice and clear and fun to show others....

    Gardner gave me a vid of some other rare stuff of theirs that I cherish to this day...

    I should probably transfer that to DVD.

  3. rpkrajewski says:

    Dam, EBN were amazing. I saw 'em live back in the day, and have a VHS dub of the tape that came out before their one and only album.

  4. amaesan says:

    It would be great if he would make some new ones. I'm sure there'd be plenty of material from Donald Rumsfeld and Gee Dubbyaw ;)

    I dusted off Telecommunications Breakdown a few weeks ago and gave a listen. I guess it's aged a little but it's still pretty darn good stuff. It was also funny to see the 3.5" floppy still tucked in the cardboard jacket.

  5. cyeh says:

    I vaguely recall this.

    Also, 'Vote2000 - Political Analysis' rocked.