bowel disruptor

US troops are to be armed with a stun gun that uses a baby's high-pitched scream to bring the enemy to its knees. Anyone hit with a full blast would suffer excruciating pain, permanent deafness and some form of cellular damage. A prolonged blast could kill. The actual sound used is a recording of a baby's scream played backwards.
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I, for one, welcome our new robot camel-jockey overlords

Robots have been used as jockeys in Qatar for camel races, a favourite sport in the Gulf which has faced widespread criticism over the use of young children from the Indian sub-continent in such races.

The Gulf Arab monarchies are trying to bring order to the national sport of camel racing in the face of protests over the trafficking of children as jockeys. The US State Department and human rights groups have raised the alarm over the exploitation of small children by traffickers who pay impoverished parents a paltry sum or simply resort to kidnapping their victims. The children, mostly from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Pakistan, are then smuggled into the Gulf states. They are often starved by employers to keep them light and maximise their racing potential.

And again I am forced to ask: how could someone publish a story like this with no pictures?