isn't it funny how your brain works

" The Thatcher Illusion: Look at the two pictures below. Although they may look a bit different, neither should seem too odd. Click on the picture to flip it vertically so you can see the faces right side up..."

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who did your neighbor give money to?

Fundrace 2004 Neighbor Search lets you see a list of the names of everyone in your zip code who gave money to candidate, and how much. There are also national and street maps.

"Don't suspect your neighbor! Report him!"

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Electronic voting fraud is a time-honored bipartisan tradition!

Ghost Voting:
On the day Gov. Rendell unveiled his budget to a packed House chamber, Rep. William Rieger voted in favor of all six bills that came up. But Rieger wasn't there. The Democrat was home on Feb. 3, 100 miles away in Philadelphia. A wad of paper shoved into his electronic "yea" button atop his desk did the work for him. Similar sights are in plain view on any given session day in the cavernous lower chamber where so-called ghost voting is a tolerated bipartisan tradition.
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