Radio Vox Populi

Radio Vox Populi:
  • Take the text of random blogs;
  • Feed through random robot voices;
  • Embed in an antique tube radio;
  • ...
  • Profit!
Listen here.

Compare to: Spam Radio.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we feel the love for webcasts, paint, and urine.

Yeah, so, Yngwie Malmsteen cancelled. I'll bet you can write the story yourself:

  • Booking agent assures us that the webcast is no problem, and that he has cleared it with the band's management;
  • Many tickets are sold;
  • Two weeks before the show, band management says "Webcast? What webcast? No way, in some alternate universe, that might cost us an album sale!"
  • Show gets cancelled, fans go away unhappy.

So that's just great all around.

In better news, some filthy little gutterpunk both tagged, and then peed on, our front door this evening. Oh wait, that's not good news either! Well, if you happen to see the smirking little shitworm pictured below, please beat him to death with a lead pipe:

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