it's martian! it's meme-o-riffic!

What if the Mars rovers were 15 year old girls? spiritrover + opportunitygrrl.

today in combat exoskeleton news

Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (BLEEX)

"The wearer can walk, squat, bend and swing from side to side without noticeable reductions in agility. The human pilot can also step over and under obstructions while carrying equipment and supplies."

Walking robot video

The first part of the video is of a "passive walker" with unpowered legs. The walking motion happens by inertia; it just stumbles along. The second part of the video has a robot that walks under its own power.

Soon this robot will be fitted with a boot with which to stamp on a human face forever. I, for one, welcome our new combat-exoskeleton overlords.


things you don't expect your mother to say at dinner

"He was like the Dr. Seuss of blowjobs."