when the database worms eat into your brain

Do any of you know of a command-line / scriptable way to extract urls and associated last-access-times from the Mozilla history.dat file?

It's a "Mork" file and I can't make any sense of crazyman's documentation, such as it is. I asked on IRC #mozilla, and all I got was some random guy writing a term paper on the computer industry who wanted to interview me about the "good old days."

(Just grepping it for URLs isn't enough, because I also want the date associated with loading them, and the stuff in that file appears to be in hash order or something. There seems to be a maze of half a dozen overlapping numerical namespaces, all alike.)

Update: I've got something that almost works now, but it's really slow: mork.pl.

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The Unfrozen Caveman Hacker Show

Now I'm just a caveman, and your modern technology upsets and frightens me, but I've noticed that it's pretty common for people to understand what it means when someone says^H^H^H^H types caret-H like that there. People here in the future seem to get what that means; it's part of the l33t language like emoticons* are, right?

But the thing that occurred to me just now is that most of you probably don't realize that that used to actually happen! I used to occasionally get mail from a n00b** that was formatted like that; it would go something like

    Those changes are totally wrong^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
    I'm not sure I agree with your decisions here.

Most people who understand what ^H means must have some sense that it is somehow the same as "backspace", right? Well, what would happen is, someone is typing on a dumb terminal*** that wasn't configured right, and as they typed backspace, that character would go up to the server, not be interpreted as "delete the previous character", and would be dutifully echoed back to the tty****. The tty would then itself interpret that as "delete the previous character on the screen." So the person typing thought the characters were gone, but oh no no.

It was comedy gold, I tell you.

These days I tend to <STRIKE> because it's less typing more stylish.

    [*] I used to work for the guy who invented the smiley.
    [**] We did not call them that.
    [***] A computer with a monitor, keyboard, and modem, but without the computer.
    [****] Teletype, sometimes pronounced "titty."
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