"Where babies come from - sanitized for your protection"

zeppo visits Babyland General Hospital:

The blond surfer girl from the adoption desk suddenly popped up in front of the base of the tree. She announced the mother cabbage was fully dilated and in order to help her have the baby she needed "10 CC's of imagicillin - stat!" A long cable with a fat end was wedged callously into the cabbage and the TV screen glowed hot pink, thereby determining the baby about to be born was in fact, a girl.

A long pair of hemostats were produced and she used them to fold back the obscene green fabric labia of the gestating brassica oleracea. Surfer girl stuck her hand in up to her elbow and pulled out a pudgy fabric newborn with blue eyes and curly blond hair. She held it by the feet and slapped its naked butt cheeks. I was almost a little sorry it wasn't covered in cherry Jell-O.


2 Responses:

  1. billemon says:

    ... please stop experimenting with sexuality :)

    My favourite line from the entry:

    It looked like a midget bust.