this is what happens when furries dress as humans

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  1. um... that's... dis_TUR_bing

    thanks for sharing


  2. coldacid says:

    Anyone else thinking of Planet of the Apes?

    "Get your hands off me, you damn dirty human!"

  3. brad says:

    I so wish I knew the story behind that.

  4. xenogram says:

    Same thing I always say, I know a bunch of people into B&D and that doesn't bother (or interest) me a bit. But the plushies, they wig me out.

  5. kfringe says:

    Okay. Now I officially hate you.

    Does anyone know of a place where I can trade in my eyes on a pair that haven't seen this? I would really, really like to do that.

    • xenogram says:

      This is the internet, I'm sure you've seen worse. How about that japanese-kiddie-sex-doll stuff that JWZ found a while back? Surely that's worse.

      I've changed my mind about this. Freaking people out like this is one of my personal favourite pass-times, so I applaud the artist for throwing me for a loop.

      • kfringe says:

        Oh come on. I don't know where to start replying to this.

        First of all, you don't actually need the internet to see worse. All the internet does is make it easier. Anyone who really wants to be entertained by Live Idiots in Freakishly Pink Costumes can just go to some role-playing convention. I'm sure you can even see ESR wearing the funny clothes.

        And if you want to see little girls holding on to furry dicks, I'm sure the bigfoot appreciation society can help.

        The fact is that the picture in question is of situation that is undeniably an irreedemably fucked in what passes for its head. Just think about the sad bastard who actually took the picture. He had this freakshow pose!

        Now I'll admit to a certain... let's call it "educational value." Hell, let's call it an Eisner Fetish. It's still unwholesome. It's sick in that way that gives degenerates a bad name. It's furry sex made out of frilly, pink toilet seat covers. And I'm not sure whether the wort part is that Papa Carebear needed to sew in chest hair to live a fantasy life or whether he needed to teach his little carebearette in training to work the shaft just right. Whatever it is, it's wrong, fucked up, and shouldn't be photographed except for blackmail.

        This whole scene is just rampantly fucked up. It's not the furry dicks. It's not the pink toilet seat covers. It's the whole incestuous family circus idea of furries fuckin' their kin. It's like we never won the damned Civil War or something.

        Lastly, and most importantly, jwz is a rat BASTARD for putting this somewhere where I could see it while I was having my first cup of coffee. I will have my revenge on his cackling soul! This post is a force for evil in the world! Just think of all the people who read his blog that sent copies of this picture to their unsuspecting friends. He deserves punishment. We all deserve to laugh at his expense. Deserve, I say!

        • xenogram says:

          Oddly, although some of your writing indicates that you know this is performance art, you seem to miss the point. It's not real, it's done just to to freak you out. It does this without being gross. That makes it, to my mind, a rather funny prank.

          Got me too.

    • coldacid says:

      At least it isn't goatse. Or Tubgirl. You wouldn't be looking for new eyes then; you'd be looking for a sharp stick to shove through your skull.

      • kfringe says:

        Seen 'em. They really aren't quite as disturbing. Social, familial, public groupings of pink homoncufurries wasn't something that had ever occurred to me as a possible perversion. A marketing stunt, maybe, but that's not really my field. It's just a new kind of weird that I would really could have done without.

        Seriously. This is beyond kinky weird. This is Jack Chick's Bedroom level kinky weird.

  6. aah, you're like two weeks behind on this one jamie!

    the thing that you may have missed if you just glanced at it before turning away in disgust is that the little girl has her hand on the older man's large, furry penis.


    • jette says:

      I wouldn't let a child of mine pose for that picture. I'm perfectly comfortable with the whole "naturist" concept, if they were an actual naked family playing volleyball it wouldn't be any big thing - but what's going on in that picture is waaay too squick, even though they are all in reality all covered up.

      I guess that's the artist's point or whatever, but... where are that little girl's parents?!

    • That's what I find so horrid, too.

  7. wow... just... wow.

  8. ralesk says:

    <lj comm="humanfandom">

  9. spampy says:

    oh god now you've found that image too! *retch*


    i dont really know why, but i think that picture was taken in the '70s :/

    • slojae says:

      could it be that instead of a bikiniwax she's got the full bush going on?... personally id say its much more recent than that... look at the shoes... though it does seem to be of and eastern european persiasion.. thats what i get anyways...

  10. recursive says:

    Now I have to gouge my eyeballs out with a letter opener. You've outdone yourself. This is far more disturbing than the Japanese exploring their sexuality.

  11. Dear caucasians...

  12. scorchingwet says:

    after seeing this, I am now much more perverted. and that, is a hard place to get to (no pun intended).

  13. nichiyume says:

    The best thing about this post was the topic

  14. billemon says:

    Not sure which is more disturbing, the image, or that you didn't caption it I, for one, welcome ...

  15. shu_shu says:

    And they say Janet's naughty.

  16. j0ni says:

    Wow, you guys should all just chill the fuck out. This is hilarious, and it's challenging some of the pulpit bashers a bit, but it's funny. I love it. As for credentials, I have three kids, all girls, 2x2yrs, 1x6yrs, so I do know what it feels like to look at that picture if I had children of my own fuck you very much.

    Plus, they all either have been or are pre-occupied with my genitals, because they're GIRLS and they don't have the slightest idea what's going on with them.

    This is exactly what art is supposed to do. It reflects the bits you don't like to think about because they're uncomfortable, and it takes the piss out of prudes, and it turns the idea of nakedness on its head by wearing wool naked suits to stay warm, etc., etc.

    I really am quite surprised how incredibly reactionary the comments have been.

    • prema says:

      well mostly its not the idea that the child is touching the genitals but possibly that the "father" in the photo may be getting off on it, seeing as the furry penis isnt exactly made to look flaccid. _That's_ the problem. I've had younger kids fascinated by women's bosoms, nothing knew. It's the adults reaction to it that is the issue.

    • lovingboth says:

      Yep, those were my thoughts too.

  17. were it not for the little girl grabbing her daddy's hoo-hoo i'd say this picture is not that disturbing really. I dont know why people are saying they need to "gouge out" their eyeballs. they're not REALLY naked, whats so horrendous then?

    strange... yes.
    nowhere near most peoples idea of art...yes.
    horrendous and vulgar...not quite...

  18. bifrosty2k says:

    This is like so 2 weeks ago...

  19. scosol says:

    i remember when i first saw this, i thought "why does he have chest hair in the shape of batman?"

  20. retrodiva1 says:

    What iz it maaan?

    That is truly frightening.

  21. infrogmation says:

    Hey, we've been seeing that sort of thing at Mardi Gras here in New Orleans for decades.

  22. housepet says:

    In the current climate, I'd not be surprised if the Feds levied a child pr0n charge for that photo.See the news story I posted today (ganked from elsewhere, naturally)

    ::sighs at the ludcrity::
    (making up words now, too)

  23. mfisher says:

    I'm glad someone had the stones to post this directly rather than hiding it behind an lj-cut tag.

  24. smokedamage says:

    oh, my brain. the pain, the pain.

  25. moondog4rnr says:

    I just got emailed a link to your journal and this entry. I demand my lunch back!

  26. userlain says:

    Found your lj on google (go figure ^^). Nice picture, very ammusing ^__^!

  27. belladro says:

    omg that is so wrong, yet so funny.

  28. yumeoibito says:

    Where in the hell did you find that?