"it was like a war zone..."

Isn't this phreddiva's car?

Isn't this, um, hell?

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10 Responses:

  1. cvisors says:

    It was interesting what was been carried on that train, from the news reports, it was sulfur, fertilizer, and diesel. Instant explosives. Not my idea of fun.


  2. sachmet says:

    I know they're not, but that whole album (moving Prev/Next after clicking through) looks like the Best. Photoshop. Series. Ever.

    • ciphergoth says:

      I love the in-sequence advertising too. "Sure I'll look at your wordgame, right after this picture of a charred corpse with blood all across its face."

      • valacosa says:

        What do you think is worse, the word game, or the personals?
        "Dead people -> Crying people -> Dead people -> Eligible Bachelorette -> Dead people..."

  3. rearkick says:

    Fire is pretty.

    Burned bodies and death however, are not. :(


  4. jotunheim says:

    Looks like scenes from The Terminator.

  5. looks more like truck to me.

  6. loosechanj says:

    Yes, I do think that is in fact, "Hell".

  7. phreddiva says:

    Damnit! NOW I remember where I parked that thing. ;)