Immortel -- A live-action Enki Bilal movie!

The 9MB teaser and 35MB trailer are here, and I think this is already my new favorite movie.

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  1. flipzagging says:

    Speaking of enigmatic trailers with almost ridiculously stylish visuals -- see Casshern.

    Nobody I know seems to have much information about it, in English anyway.

  2. npat says:

    Looks very cool (as almost everything by Bilal does). I saw "Tykho moon", in a theater, a couple of years ago and, at least visually, I liked it enormously. Later I tried to get a copy of it on DVD, but all I could find was a French edition without subtitles (neither French, nor English, nor anything).

    Does anyone know if it has been published with subtitles?

  3. asan102 says:

    I'm still downloading the full trailer, but after seeing the Casshern trailer, I think it's gonna be hard to beat.

  4. korto_lilith says:

    When I first watched the teaser-trailer I was overenthusiastic. The comic book trilogy (Immortel, the Female trap and Equador winter) had climped up my top ten of favourite graphic novels ever. I though it was going to turn into a CGI cartoon, especially where Horus falls of the flying pyramid.

    However, the 35MB trailer represents Immortel as a Matrix-like action movie. Then again, it's Bilal adapting his own comic book on screen, therefore I should be less suspicious and more trusting...

    Confused! Confused! I'm anticipating the 24th of March while bitting my nails!

  5. legolas says:

    And it's coming to a festival near me: . Hope I'll find the time to go there and get tickets to that one.

  6. lilmissnever says:

    So cool. So very, very cool. I have a terrible weakness for Enki Bilal and Roger Loisel.

    There's supposed to be a Hellboy movie coming out soon. I've seen preliminary sketches and they look good, but I'm still a little wary.