how to make your own prison hooch

Remember To Feel The Hate:
"Pruno, a prison wine created from fruit, sugar and ketchup, is such a vile and despicable beast in the California state penal system that prisoners can't eat fresh fruit at lunch. Back in December 2002, the warden at Lancaster prison in Los Angeles County removed fresh fruit from box lunches in the maximum-security lockup, as an effort to reduce violence. Apparently, sober, scurvy-addled felons are much easier to control than drunken, violent convicts."

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  1. travisd says:

    I thought that the Soap from Bacon article was good too...

    Better living thru ghetto/appalacia chemistry, kids.

  2. patrick says:

    I've been learning how to brew beer recently, this seems a lot easier to make, albeit a lot grosser, too.


  3. oh GOD. my head hurts ust LOOKING at that.


    • jwz says:

      I eagerly await reading your lab notes on this investigation.

      • i think my liver just imploded.

      • tpadave says:

        know any other recepies for prison wine?
        juice from a can of fruit, sugar, and yeast
        i just can't remember how much of each and brewing time
        anyone help me out with this?

        • stamina_1070 says:

          A Universal Recipe Using Store-Bought 100% Grape Juice
          (Semi-Dry or Somewhat Sweet)

          Gal. Grape Juice (Red or White)

          Lbs. Cane Sugar

          Gal. Water

          Pkt. Wine Yeast (In a pinch, Bakers yeast will work)

          This recipe yields 10 bottles (fifths) of wine like Grandma used to make for a staggering 50 cents a bottle. No pun intended.
          Boil water and sugar. When cool, mix in a food grade plastic bucket with juice and yeast. Cover with a trash bag secured with a rubber band to exclude air and contaminants. When the bubbles cease, siphon, or gently pour into another bucket, leaving gunk (lees) behind. In about a week, most solids will have settled out and your wine can be bottled in glass bottles or even screw-top soft drink containers.

          It's better to use wine yeast because Bakers yeast doesn't settle out well and if you shake the bottle, the wine will get cloudy. If this happens, just drink it with the lights out and no one will ever know.

          This recipe, was designed for the complete novice and for those who just want to give wine making a try without having to go out and purchase a lot of paraphernalia to get started. Of course, if you just happen to own a fermentation lock and other materials, use them.

  4. drewfrezell says:

    Anyone have some ideas that would make this vile shit taste a little bit better? I think some people should use their brewing skills and help out the alcoholic prisoners of the world. It would be an interesting experiment to try and make some, but I think I'll wait until I'm locked firmly behind bars, with no parole in sight, before I start imbibing this fine vintage.

  5. valacosa says:

    Does anyone have any idea how long this takes to ferment? I've made my own cider using healthy amounts of sugar and yeast - that concoction will be alcoholic in a week. Wouldn't this take months, and if so, where on earth would they keep it?

    • jwz says:

      Dude, it's explained in great detail in the article you didn't read!

    • valacosa says:

      Never mind, I actually followed the link, and the answer is 9 days.

      What would happen if you left out the ketchup? I mean, I don't see why that is so vital. Sure, it has sugar, but it also has vinegar, which you are not trying to produce...

      Acetic Acid: CH3COOH
      Ethanol: CH3CH2OH

  6. aprilized says:

    they'll use anything they can to make booze in prison. They can take away their fruit....but they can make it just as easily with sugar and bread, as someone once told me after a stint in the can..

    • If I could get hold of you "Aprilized", I would make "Hooch" out of you cuz you're so damed sweet!! I just found this site so I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'll get it and add a photo and all that stuff....but you sound very interesting (I read your profile). Maybe you can help me. (gotta be slick with you ladies) :-)

    • swingthepipe says:

      I did a 4 year bid in Rikers... cats were fermenting trashbags full of apple skins and prunes in the toilets and buried in shallow graves out in the yard.

      My boy who went to solitary told me they wouldnt give him any fruit in there... so he just mixed up bread sugar & water in empty fruit juice bottles (and shampoo bottles).

      Truly disgusting stuff... but old habits die hard.

  7. "Rum ration."

    The brits did it for their naval crews...

  8. gths says:

    Well, at least they didn't use Brasso.