for all your barrel-scraping needs shows you images that have been /topics on IRC channels around the net within the last 24 hours. (Requires cookies.)
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16 Responses:

  1. loachie says:

    that is so damned addictive.

  2. liz_lowlife says:

    It would seem that we will be playing at your venue in May, so I thought I'd pop over for a digital cup of tea and introduce myself...

    Oh, this is us, BTW...

    Apologies for the intrusion.

  3. asan102 says:

    I love how they feel I'm unable to handle regular pop-up windows (or - heaven forbid - loading it in the SAME window) and instead pop up a little pseudo-window within the main window for each picture. Now I can pretend I'm using Microsoft Office all the time!

    • jwz says:

      Oh, the magic little nested windows only happen on the "most popular" page. On the other pages they use a differently-abominable style of JavaScript popups.

      • asan102 says:

        Well, that's good to know, except that I can't seem to get to any of the other pages.

        I assumed it was just proprietary MSIE code, but clicking the "take me to the pictures" button doesn't do anything on IE either... clicking the Browse Images link from the Most Viewed page works though, I guess.