Christina Aguilera`s thong and pool water: £810.00

Alas, bidding has ended for this item.

"you are buying miss Aguilera`s thong and pool water from photo shoot with maxim uk. this item has been leagaly obtained from Scott mills of BBC radio one uk who is belived to have obtained said items from a contact at maxim. Thease items were won in a radio one comp in December 2002 hosted by Scott Mills and consist of as follows; 1)One white thong. 2)One sealed tub of miss Aguilera pool water. 3)Compliment from Scott Mills (signed). 4)Compliment from the shows producer signed. 5)Maxim cover leter explaining that said issue has been embargoed, this also includes a few pointers from miss Aguilera for how single men can win her affections. 6)One issue of Maxim with conected feture."

3 Responses:

  1. jc says:

    That with compliments slip is priceless, not least because I've listened to Scott Mills on many occasions in the past.

  2. blackavar says:

    "conected feture" Might that be fetor? Prehaps it's meant to be "fetus".
    Wait. That'd be the thong, not the magazine, though Maxim has its own fetor as well.