ATM shim hack

No doubt you've heard about people fitting their own fake card readers onto ATMs in order to capture card info; here are some pretty good pictures of one. It reads the info off the card, and captures your password by pointing a camera at the keypad! It then wirelessly transmits this info to the crooks, so they don't even need to go back and retrieve the gear! Pictures here (with captions in some strange moon-man language.) Worse pictures here (but in English.)

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  1. valacosa says:

    Everyone has a talent. Some people can sing, some can write flawless code, and some are geniuses when it comes to dreaming up new ways to rip people off...

    This reminds me of that thing John Connor had in Terminator 2. When I was a kid and saw that movie for the first time, I thought, "Wow, I want one of those!"

    • uon says:

      This reminds me of that thing John Connor had in Terminator 2

      It was an Atari Portfolio, quite a neat little machine. There were a couple of programs around to let the hard-of-scripting print lots of numbers scrolling down the screen, just like the ATM-cracking scene in the film; the hard part is the Portfolio-to-bankcard interface..

      • nester says:

        looked like BASIC to me.. good times.. now on to ebay to find my portfolio to bankcard interface plans.

        "Build at home with only household materials! Check my feedback and bid with confidence!!!!!!11"

      • boggyb says:

        I had one of those once upon a time. The bits of it are still somewhere (the screen gave out on me - cable probably broke). I used it for a fair bit, and it got bashed around a fair amount (as in dropping my bag with it in the front pocket about two metres).

  2. ivorjawa says:

    That's Dutch.

    • kehoea says:

      They speak Dutch on the moon? Wow. So are Holland and Flanders settlements of the moon, or vice-versa? I can't imagine anyone learning it as a second language.

      • madeleine says:

        My husband's Dutch and as soon as he applied for his green card the US government starting referring to him as an ALien.

        If the US government's lable isn't proof enough that these people aren't from earth I can tell you from first hand experience that being from another planet is the only way to explain some of the stuff he does ;)

  3. gregv says:

    Wow, ordered dithering! I thought I was using Windows 3.1 on my 486 for a second there.

  4. everdred says:

    You've gotta love the way the pictures on the English site are about three times the file size and 1/3 the quality of the Dutch(?).

  5. waider says:

    Thanks for this. There's been a spate of these scams over here, apparently all operated by everyone's favourite criminal group, "Them Nigerians" or, depending on your taxi driver's biases, "Them Eastern Europeans". While I had no doubt that people were being scammed, none of the newspaper reports had any detail on how it was being done.

  6. exiledbear says:

    Het is Nederlands (Dutch). It is a maddening language to learn - I can read it and listen to it, but I can't speak it yet. I'm not sure I like the strange ways my mind is warping from learning Dutch, but hey, it needs the exercise.

    To be honest, Dutch isn't too far from English, and if the French hadn't invaded England, some linguists claim that Dutch and English would be a lot more similar than they are right now.

  7. nzchrisb says:

    The thieves copy the cards and use the PIN numbers to withdraw thousands from many accounts in a very short time directly from the bank ATM.

    PIN number, my favorite tautology. Other than that yikes! Someone's gone to the trouble of injection molding the magnetic reader to be just the right shape. That ain't cheap and easy.