DNA Lounge: Wherein we mostly dodge the power-failure bullet.

Friday night I was meeting some folks for dinner, and we met at the club before opening. "Why don't I give you the 'lights on' tour of the club", I said, thus jinxing everything: for at around 9:30pm, the power went out on the whole block. The end of the tour was the 'lights out' tour. My friend Brad, who runs his own business, asked why I wasn't freaking out. I said, "because there are other people here to freak out for me, if freaking is warranted. They'll handle it." It's tough learning how to delegate, and he's trying to figure out how to do that better. So a little while later, Alexis had the yellow pages out and was looking for generator rentals... "See?" I said.

Fortunately the power came back on shortly after 10pm, because it seems that we didn't have a prayer of actually getting this place up and running on a generator, and being closed on a friday would have cost us a ton of money... Alexis got a hold of the electrician who installed our new system to ask him what we should order and how to hook it up, and his answer was something along the lines of, "hmmm, well, that's pretty complicated..." Apparently the fact that (as described in the July 2000 "Ask Dr. Science" interlude) we have "delta" three-phase power instead of "star" three-phase power, and that we actually use the mostly-useless 208v line (most people just ignore that one, and only use the two 120v lines) makes it tricky to hook a generator in...

So, that was a bullet dodged. I guess we're going to have our electrician come back out one of these days and like, put in some terminals that say "pull switch and attach generator here" or something.

    "Push to test."
    "Release to detonate."

We also learned that our five UPS boxes can only keep the eleven PCs in the back office running without wall power for something like twenty minutes. That's like, not so good. So we missed the beginning of the webcast, since the power only came back on after 10pm, and the machines didn't run the 10pm "start the webcast" cron job until I did it by hand...

So later that night, I was showing Brad one of the screen savers that runs on the kiosks that scrolls text around in an arty way; the source of that text is set up to be the most-recent posts to LiveJournal, the blogging web site that Brad created. I started this screen saver and the first thing it printed was "open your wrists and the pain ends forever"! It continued on in that 10th-grade-goth-poetry way for a while, and he accused me of setting that up ahead of time. I hadn't, it was real-time. "Oh my god my users are so dumb!" he exclaimed.

Just then, some guy came up to us and said, "yo, yo, you gotta go to pimps and hoes dot com! Check it out!"

"You think your users are bad?" I asked.