who needs thumbs, you damned dirty ape

Six-year-old male sea lion 'Jonao' holds a brush in his mouth to write 'monkey' in Chinese character to mark 2004, the year of the monkey, at Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama. (AFP/Toru Yamanaka)
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13 Responses:

  1. msjen says:

    Wow. He even looks as if he's critically surveying his work.

    It isn't the year of the monkey yet, though!

  2. 33mhz says:

    What's really sad is that my first attempt at brush calligraphy showed about the same level of skill as Jonao does.

  3. lars_larsen says:

    I have a vietnamese potbelly pig. Although I have not trained her to paint, I did see a pig at the county fair that was doing paintings for sale. A pig will do just about anything for food.

  4. mozerkus says:

    Fine picture!!!