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Exorcism Suspected After Girl Found Dead

ATLANTA (AP) -- A 6-year-old girl was found dead in a motel room with a broken back Monday after what police said may have been an exorcism. Two adults were arrested after they and two children were spotted on the street naked in the freezing cold.

The adults, who had been staying in the motel room, were charged with cruelty to children, public indecency and obstruction of police and were taken to a psychiatric ward.

Police said the girl had been brutalized and suffered a broken back and other broken bones. An autopsy was planned.

Based on what the adults told authorities, investigators believe "they were involved possibly in a ritual of some sort," police spokesman John Quigley said. "It may have had something to do with undemonizing the child in some manner."

Police learned of the death around 12:30 a.m. when the unidentified man and woman were seen walking naked down a city street with two children, ages 2 and 7, Quigley said.

The 7-year-old provided investigators with information that led them to the motel, where they found the girl's body.

The two adults had apparently been living there for some time, possibly through assistance from a church, Quigley said.

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12 Responses:

  1. dzm6 says:

    Proving yet again that what it takes to get the job of "Parent" in no way qualifies a person to perform it.

  2. 5tephe says:

    When faced with news like this, my first reaction is revulsion. Not in tune with the usual mood of cynical amusement expressed in LJ commenting (at least here), I know, but I can't help it.
    I am an Australian, and an ex Registered Nurse, with some experience in psych and D&A, and it is my experience that people who take things like exorcism this seriously are virtually all clinically diagnosable with some Psychological condition.
    Which makes the real tragedy of the above: where were the community safeguards, and mental health facilities when that 6 year old needed them? (for their carer)

    Now, even in My great brown land, where we have free health care for all, we neglect our mentally troubled fellow citizens. Can I just say, folks: when you read an article like this, read between the lines, don't blame the VERY confused person who comitted the act, and get angry at the politicians who decrease funding by increments or by stealth to this sector of health care. Just because it's less visible than other areas of health, doesn't mean it should be sacrificed for the PATHETIC holy cow of balancing a budget.

    A 6 year old has died quite brutally. Get good and angry.

    Did you know that politicians have a formula, for letters they recieve? For every one they get, they assume that 30 more people were just as angry, but didn't bother to write.

    Spend the five minutes and 50c to get a message across.

    There, I'll get off the soap box now: I just thought a little girl's life was worth it, for the time it took me to post this.

    • madeleine says:

      I agree that politicians and health organizations should be doing more for people like this. I would also question the level of involvement that church had in these people's lives.

      Was it just a charity hand-out to provide a place to stay for homeless people or should they have looked further to see what was going on with those parents and their 3 children?

      I hope someone in that city will look into all the circumstances of the case.

      • 5tephe says:

        ...Uh, not to preach (again) but don't just "hope that someone in the city will look into" it: Write a Goddamned letter. Make sure that what you hope will happen, does.

        And no, I'm not just talking to madeline here- I'm talking to YOU.

        I hope if someone did that to my kid, people wouldn't just read the article on the internet, and feel that they had 'contributed' by the simple fact of feeling sympathy. Or even commenting on the horror of it all on a journal.

        Right: I'm off to do some net research, and discover the address of the office of the public health ombudsman, and the state govenor....

        • 5tephe says:

          O.K: that didn't take long, and I am in Australia, so lack a certain local area knowledge. Here's my list of brief suggestions. Major cred to anyone else who posts some, or other suggestions for constructtive public nusiance....

          Honerable Sonny Perdue
          State of Georgia
          Georgia Capital Building
          Constituent Services Room 11
          Atlanta, Georgia 30334


          321 State Capitol
          Atlanta, GA 30334

          Eric Johnson, President Pro Tempore
          Amanda Seals, Chief of Staff
          Julie Windom, Executive Counsel
          Rita Smith, Assistant


          236 State Capitol
          Atlanta, GA 30334

          Bill Stephens, Majority Leader

          Georgia Public Service Commission

          244 Washington Street
          Atlanta GA, 30334
          (404) 656-4501

          (404)656-2341 (fax)

          Email: gapsc@psc.state.ga.us

    • kw34hd1 says:

      I am an Australian, and an ex Registered Nurse, with some experience in psych and D&A, and it is my experience that people who take things like exorcism this seriously are virtually all clinically diagnosable with some Psychological condition.

      You've obviously never experienced a six-year-old possessed by satan.


  3. mavia says:

    Did they get the demon out, at least?

  4. 5tephe says:

    Note, the part when I said "my kid" in the previous.
    I have a 6 year old daughter too, but that's hardly the point, so I didn't labour it.

    Now, has anybody written a lettter?
    Tell you what, let's make it easy: here is a 'form letter' style text. Simply cut and paste the below into a Word document, along with one of the above addresses, fill in the gaps, and hit PRINT. Who cares if it isn't strictly under their jurisdiction, pretty soon those people will start to get pissed off at all the letters piling up, and start to pile shit on the person whose job it is.

    Dear ,

    I was deeply disturbed to read recently of the terrible case of a six year old child who was murdered by two adults in an Atlanta motel room who were apparently attempting an exorcism.

    As disturbing and tragic as this is, I think tha the real crime here lies with the State. Both adults have been committed to a psychiatric institution, for clearly they are in need of mental help, but this is obviously a case of too little too late.

    Where were the community supports, and the early warning systems? Where were the Community Nurses, the referral services for mental health? Does our govenrment care for those among us who suffer from an invisible disease? And more importantly, for the children in the care of those people?

    I am angry, and dissappointed in our leaders. I wish this to be looked into, and I wish for funding, structure, and administration, and support for mental health to be given a higher priority, and more funding to adequately carry out a job of tremendous importance and difficulty.



    There. Just alter the wording to suit your tastes, and you're putting pressure on you government to be responsible. Go, on: it's cathartic.

  5. retrodiva1 says:

    Oh man I swear just when you think you've heard just about every freak creep thing you can in this world they come up with a bigger one.

    This just makes my stomach turn.

    It's a sad sad world.