trunk monkey

Trunk Monkey: I saw the first Trunk Monkey clip long ago, but there are two more that I hadn't seen! (Clips 2 and 3 appear to be the same.)
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  1. supersat says:

    Clips 2 and 3 are slightly different. Clip 3 has the kids cleaning off the car with the monkey supervising at the end, among other minor details. Clip 1 appears to be a slightly different version of the clip that's been spreading around the 'net.

  2. geojoancycle says:

    where can I find the trunk monkey reading a gambling magazine, when the car gets stolen?


  3. trunkmonkey says:

    What's really amusing is that Suburban's ad agency, R/West, claims that they came up with the obscure Trunkmonkey idea on their own, even though I inadvertently started the whole thing in 2000 as a horrible joke and Trunkmonkey car alarm cartoons have been floating around since 2001:

    What's even better is they're using a chimp (ape) in the ad, not a monkey. :)