that's what they *want* you to think

A recently taken undated hand out photograph received on January 25, 2004 shows a fake baby dragon encased in a 30 inch (0.76 metres) jar which was discovered by David Hart in a garage in Oxfordshire, southern England. A metal tin found alongside the dragon contained paperwork written in an old-fashioned German style of the 1890s, a time when their was intense rivalry between Britain's and Germany's scientists. The documents suggest that Britain's Natural History Museum turned the dragon away and sent it to be destroyed, only for the jar to be intercepted by David Hart's grandfather, Frederick Hart, who worked as a porter. REUTERS/Allistair Mitchell
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20 Responses:

  1. primroseport says:

    Silly sculptor! Dragons are hatched from eggs! What's that umbilical cord doing there?

    • billemon says:

      I think there's still a placenta of sorts, to extract the yummy goodness from the egg yolk and albumen? Anyway, perhaps we're wrong about the eggs. Might be a larval stage, the egg could be a coccoon ;)

  2. rakafkaven says:

    Damn, that looks digitally done. I'm sure Reuters would've had someone verify "existence of jar", but still...

  3. roninspoon says:

    Clearly the specimen is genuine and Reuters is knuckling under to the international pressure of the Liberal Media Consortium who is attempting to prevent the public from being made aware of the truth. That truth being the scourge of dragons that even now tortures the French and Polish countryside with their tyranny of fire and eating people. Without the pressure of preparing for survival from the decimation of these beasts, the nations under the influence of the NATO pact will instead be prepared for eventual invasion and conquer by the troops of George Bush's New World Order.

    Or, I guess, it's possible it could be a clever fabrication, but that hardly seems likely given the evidence.

  4. I'm pretty sure that nobody made dragons that looked like that back then anyway.

    Here's a link to what would be contemporary dragon art which is completly different.

  5. If I had known fetal dragons were around, it would have made junior high biology class much more interesting.

  6. robcallahan says:

    I, for one, welcome our new questionable preserved dragon fetus masters

  7. giles says:

    Man, the Watchers' Council is going to be pissed.

  8. belgand says:

    Real or fake it doesn't entirely matter, the greater question is: where in the hell can I buy one?