Oxford Tire Pile

Lots of good industrial horror by Edward Burtynsky

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  1. ch says:

    I find the pictures quite beautiful. The irony is incredible.

  2. m4dh4tt3r says:

    wow. amazing photos. thanks for posting this.

  3. whumpdotcom says:

    A friend said that this is the pile of tires that caught on fire a while back.

    However, I can just see Samwise dragging Frodo through that on the way to Mt. Doom.

    (And before you tweaker kids go, "you would say that," just remember, you thought it too.)

    • lars_larsen says:

      Thats exactly what I thought of when I saw that picture. "What if that caught on fire?". Southern california is a hornets nest of arsonists. Its like they all flock there or something.

      If it did burn, its probably still on fire today.

  4. kfringe says:

    You know, there used to be a place over by the Glasaderokat that looked something like this. You should ask around and find out what happened to it.

  5. nothings says:

    A scene from an alternate-universe Terminator where it wasn't SkyNet, it was CarNet.

  6. kallisti says:

    Isn't there a famous inscription about "Send us you tired..."?


  7. kdotdammit says:

    This, or a similar pile (afterall California is big enough for more than one giant sea of tires) did burn a few years ago. The entire state reeked of burning black rubber and a god awful layer of smoke hung in the sky for days. They couldn't put the fire out. They had to let it burn itself out. It was very apocalyptic. The photos, however, are eerily beautiful.

  8. cloudboi says:

    An interesting thing I found out. There are tire fires that out near where my dad grew up that have been burning since before he was born.


  9. zecherman says:

    Hi there, I managed to find your LiveJournal through BoingBoing, and I find it to be absolutely incredible! May I please add you as a friend?

  10. itto says:

    i was looking for pics of this tire pile, and yer lj was one of the results. pretty incredible how something so huge and amazing, something that should be a tourist trap with an RV park and gift shop and whining kids and waterslides and a cartoon mascot, is barely known.