one kiloloser

There are now 1024 LJ users who have me on their friends lists. That's one kiloloser.

I think it's time for you to explain yourselves. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

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238 Responses:

  1. substitute says:

    I heard all the cool kids hung out with jwz.

  2. freiheit says:

    It's all about the transdimensional monkeys.

  3. norae says:

    I saw a documentary about Mozilla on PBS and you were in it.

    and you had avphibes on your friends list and so did I.

  4. chuckm says:

    if I'm on your friend list I don't get like 5 kajillion folks messaging me links to it throughout the day.

  5. denshi says:

    I, for one, welcome our irritable jwz master.

  6. mcfnord says:

    my sweetie says she remembers a picture of you in a cubical surrounded by spiderwebs

  7. cschmidt says:

    I'm a fanboy

  8. devpreed says:

    I thought this was where they said the orgy would be.

  9. dormando says:

    Found your account a long time ago (sorry, my fault). You post funny pictures and are cynical as all get-out, so I keep reading.

    You're one of .... actually, you might be the only human who's journal I read and isn't someone I know personally. Don't feel too special.

  10. malach says:

    You fail to suck.

  11. treylis says:

    It's like that Winston Churchill quote about alcohol.

    I've taken more out of jwz, than jwz has taken out of me.

    Uh, or something.

  12. thealien says:

    I've been reading your web site for years (having wandered over there for reasons relating to xscreensaver) because I liked what you wrote.

    At some point I noticed you had a livejournal and that you were writing here more than you were updating your site. So I started reading here and eventually friended you because it was convenient.

  13. supersat says:

    You're one of the most interesting/amusing person on my friends list.

    BTW, do you really care, or are you just comment whoring? ;)

  14. avva says:

    I enjoy the weird pics and some of the rants.

  15. gordonzola says:

    You're the linkiest!

  16. xunker says:

    You're not on my friends' list, but I read you regularly anyway through a bookmark.

    To explain why I read you, I must paraphrase Christian Slater from Pump Up the Volume:

    Dear jwz,

    I think you're incendiary and obnoxious and have a high opinion of yourself.

    ...which are all attributes I prize in people. You will note I removed "boring" and replaced it with something more, uh, fitting. You may be evil, but seldom boring.

  17. bbe says:

    I think I became aware of you through a Boingboing link, added you because nearly everything you post is interesting.

  18. mackys says:

    Because <lj user=baconmonkey> replies to your entries. EVIL CLOWNZ 4 EVAR!!

  19. rosefox says:

    What's to explain?

  20. wire_on_fire says:

    I have jwz RSS syndicated but not on my friends list.

    Does that make me more or less of a loser?

    Does the fact that I have linked and/or referenced JWZ on my weblog help or hurt this?

  21. abates says:

    I got addicted to jwzrants and reading your LJ seemed like the next step up, sorta like starting on heroin after smoking pot for years.

  22. pvck says:

    You have a mythos that's built around you from both the geek and the club/music/promoter points of view. There's very few people around here who can be interesting in both those ways, and it gives me hope, in a weird twisted fanboy sort of way.
    Plus, you know some friends of mine, but I don't wish to namedrop.

    So are you going to delete this post after 1024 replies?

  23. drokk says:

    I blame day time television.

    • lisa says:

      um everytime you email brad telling him syndication is behind he sends it to me and i have to do something.

      yeah and the links are ok.

  24. balloonist says:

    amusing links
    good wine
    2 reasons i read your journal jwz.

  25. manusb says:

    You're a star!

  26. 33mhz says:

    Someone linked to it in their top x listing of the best links/news journals around, and I came here and agreed with them.

  27. rsdio says:

    You write interesting things.

    You post interesting links.

    Your bullshit detector seems well-honed.


  28. flavor says:

    shouldn't that be kibiloser or some such?

    As for reasons, I'm hoping to start what will amount to a Raleigh, NC location that'll basically be an attempt at cut-and-paste'ing DNA Lounge but have failed thus far to get off my ass to actually do anything. Your journal thus serves as a source of constant inspiration or some such shit.

    Oh, and sometimes you find the funniest and most bizarre stories. You end up being way smarter as an aggregation method that or any of those attempts.

    speaking of which, i need to try as a source for webcollage, it'd be fun and keep me up to date on this pesky current affairs

    • badger says:

      One of my responses to being hit by the dot-bomb the same week I bought my first house was to speculate running a speakeasy in the living room, given I have more dance room than the Five-O did :).

  29. bovinity says:

    cheese, cheese, cows, cheese...

    wait, no.. actually: Gnome development -> -> LJ

  30. ex0teric says:

    I was told that you are a better source of information of the geeky nature than /.; also that you own DNA Lounge, which, while I have never been to (the one time I was in San Francisco was to see VNV Nation at Slim's), I have noticed that you have a lot of good shows there.

  31. georgedorn says:

    Who, me? I've been stalking you ever since I stumbled across about:jwz back in NS 3.0 days.

    Hell, I rp'd in muds back in the day using dadadodo to spit out my slightly brain-damaged character's words.

  32. fdaapproved says:

    What? has been amusing for a long time and you made the DNA Lounge look cool (in pictures anyway---I haven't been inside since the old DNA Lounge due to the opposite side of the country thing). Too bad about the House thing though. :-)

  33. patrick says:

    Holy shit that's a lot of people. I found you through <lj user=Brad> and <lj user=Evan>, who I am friends with. Of course, many people can say that so I guess it's not anything too special. Mainly, I just find the links you post interesting.

    Oh yea, I am the one that is hosting the insanity script that evan wrote and it uses your dadadodo software.

  34. nzchrisb says:

    You once cost my employer of the time a whole days works while I systematically read the entire gruntle page at I think I followed a link off of slashdot, which made the quote on the page header all the more amusing. When the gruntles slowed and the DNA lounge updates became less regular I found the livejouranl link. Dude I know way too much about you and your club for someone I've never meet, hell I've only ever spent 14 hours in total in LA airport yet I know the entire history of the DNA lounge.... I'm a sad sad little man.

  35. nix_7c0 says:

    All the popular kids were doing it.

  36. sfritz says:

    I gave in because people kept referencing your journal as if I should obviously be reading it.

  37. j_b says:

    Because you've been documenting the interesting goings-on in your life for over eight years now, and 'about:jwz' doesn't work any more. In fact, I gave up and jumped on the LJ bandwagon when I saw you'd caved and made one.

    Syndication / aggregation was going to become popular somehow, with some software anyway. "Hooray for having the product that was at the right place at the right time."

  38. tsarin says:

    Some combination of having stumbled across gruntle years and years ago—I wish I could remember how; I think it roughly coincided with my own stint of spending days straight at work, coding away to meet yet another impossible deadline—and that, on the whole, the Slashdot crowd seems to have some sort of white-hot hatred for you. Both amuse me to no end, though all too often in a "Sick, Sad World" sort of way.

  39. guyver3 says:

    gotta go with "monkeys"

  40. transiit says:

    it's an easier one-stop fun outlet than gruntle (which only seems to get LJ sloppy seconds these days anyhow.)

    Besides, do you really think everyone has your kind of free time when it comes to going through the newswire photographs?


  41. endquote says:

    I'm just a long-time fan. I've been checking in on the .org for years, followed the DNA log since shortly after it went up, went to the club a couple times when I was in SF, and now stalking you here is just so easy. I also make my living on the web, so you're somewhat legendary to me. I'm glad you're still publishing.

  42. ydna says:

    For your love of Microsoft.

  43. xenogram says:

    It's the regular doses of weird stuff, I like that sort of thing. It makes up for you being subjectively unreal. It's like television; the JWZ show. Pass the popcorn.

  44. frumiousb says:

    I´ve known about the .org site for a while and after I joined livejournal I realized that a lot of the links and images I was seeing in other journals were actually coming from your lj. So I subscribed. Thanks for doing it-- it´s reliably interesting and/or funny.

  45. cr0wgrrl says:

    Met at a few clubs and movies through my then-boyfriend-now-husband, enjoyed a lot of your earlier rants and innovative cube decoration.

  46. fzou says:

    Huh, it seems like it was only the other month you were all \oo/ about having 666 people befriend you on LiveJournal. The comments don't really explain the meteoric rise, though.

    Is there a way for LJ to graph the change?

  47. pdx6 says:

    I added you because you always have the most entertaining LJ entries, and I'm tired of loading every day to check for updates.

  48. alcaron says:

    You happen to write well. Plus, your intelligent cynicism tends to balance out Nat Friedman's intelligent optimism.

    Reading you also makes me want to not bag out nightclub owners so much, although you don't seem to have a thing for sixteen year old blondes...

  49. nymec says:

    I wanted to be special but now I'm just a part of a k. Welcome your borg.

  50. doubleyou says:

    I originally know of you as the author of those kick-ass screensavers for X-Windows. When I found-out you had a LiveJournal, I just had to add you. I was delighted to find-out you are cool in more ways than just writing screensavers - your posts are quite amusing.

  51. fo0bar says:

    I've been on LJ since before it was "hip" (and longer than you), and yet you still have way more friends than me.

    Did I mention I hate you?

  52. yakko says:

    I stumbled onto gruntle one day and became a fan. Then <lj user="feren"> says that "jwz has a journal!", and here I am.

  53. moof says:

    I like anybody who's crankier than I am.

  54. jagger says:

    Sorry man I only did it once, all my friends said I would be cool if I added you to my list.

  55. I'm a DJ in the midwest who stumbled onto your Lj via the dna lounge website...and some people who connected you together...It's strange to find seemingly intellgent and witty promoters who deal with the likes of metropolis records bands... Or maybe just the oxymoron of an intelligent promoter... It's just not something that happens here in the midwest... either way.

  56. wickidpisa says:

    Simply: You are the best news filter out there.

  57. anti_tim says:

    your club has caused me to barf on more than one occasion, so i believed you to be special.

  58. andrewducker says:

    It's all about the links.

    (Which, of course, I then steal for my own journal, therefore amazing my friends and dazzling all those who bow before me)

  59. We're all going to unsubscribe tomorrow just to fuck with you.

    • king_mob says:

      The fact that Ellis wants to fuck with you has to be worth another couple of K of losers.

      Also, please to be noting icon, sir.

  60. superlib says:

    Found a link to one of your journal entries from boingboing (I think). It was interesting, so I stayed. Oh, and its easier to let you re-broadcast interesting news tidbits at my friends page than to actually go weed through all the news sites on my own.

  61. martling says:

    You feed me interesting things frequently and consistently.

    I'd be quite upset if you stopped, in fact. So you have my gratitude, and a promise to spend lots in your club next time I make it to SF.

  62. I just added you because you post interesting news.

  63. stephendann says:

    You're there because boing boing doesn't always carry the highlights of your blog. Plus, anyone who makes Yahoo picture news entertaining needs to be observed to see if they get purchased by the Murdoch Empire and turned into a mutant clone army.

  64. yathin says:

    I think your journal's really cool and I get to read lotsa interesting stuff!

  65. charles says:

    It's all to do with power laws, apparently.

  66. alynch says:

    I was surprised to see the letters "jwz" and "LJ" connected, so I added you.

  67. revsphynx says:

    I've been reading for years, then when someone pointed out you had a journal, I added you.

  68. conure_ifau says:

    Someday I hope to have your baby.

  69. baconmonkey says:

    some how kilonerd sounds better to my ears than kiloloser.
    perhaps it's that there is an automatic pause between kilo and loser, where as kilonerd has nuch such atuomatic pause. but really any monosyllabic term for that particular subgroup sounds better than kiloloser, like kilodork, killodweeb, killotwit, etc.

  70. mulix says:

    dude, livejournal is the new usenet.

  71. kehoea says:

    Uhh, you write well and put up funny shit. You really need an explanation as to why we might be interested in that?

  72. cloudboi says:

    I started watching your icon about a year ago and haven't left my chair since, thanks.


  73. zhixel says:

    I think you have really dumb, outdated ideas sometimes but you post interesting shit. I used to read way way back before you left netsc^WAOL and started a club.

  74. gwferguson says:

    The Voices told me to. The electric voices.

  75. It's the subliminal messages in xdaliclock, really.

    • jwm says:

      The subliminal messages are bundled with xscreensaver. Really. Go on, try $PREFIX/lib/xscreensaver/xsublim

  76. macguyver says:

    It all goes back to about:jwz

  77. altamira16 says:

    I pass on links from your journal and get people to mistake me for one of the cool kids.

  78. <lj user="jwz" /> is a good blog, a good source of interesting, bizarre and fucked-up news and links (and, as such, functionally different from 95% of LiveJournal which is about what happened today among people you've never heard of), and falls into the "RSS aggregator" function of my Friends list. I mentally file <lj user="jwz" /> alongside things like bOING bOING.

    (And, yes, I think it's about time to split the "is socially connected to", "gives privileged post-reading access to" and "reads" functions of the LiveJournal Friends list into two or more separate relations. But I digress.)

  79. snowwolf42 says:

    First found your LJ when someone linked to your "what it takes to open a nightclub" discussion, and found everything you post pretty fascinating. Sort of like slashdot in it's variety.

  80. It helps me sleep. Y'know, after I masturbate.


  81. badger says:

    What he said. That, and as a regular clubgoer/not-owner in my area it's interesting hearing the other side of the bar stories. Thirdly, seeing you post with comments about, say, Hanzel und Gretyl on their recent tour there being really good let me recommend to people in this area to go see the show when they played in the area about two weeks later.

  82. kw34hd1 says:

    about:jwz one day led me to reading all of /gruntle/, sometime around when "monkey butter" was new. regular visits ensued.

    i didn't realize you had a livejournal until i saw your username in a thread somewhere on the site a few months ago. having been a fan of your writing and attitude, i added you.


  83. inoshiro says:

    Easy access to neat links + pictures.

    Things that I can show to my friends and warp their minds.

    The usual.

  84. citizen905 says:

    Your linkfarm brings all the fan-persons to the yard.

    But don't let it go to your head. Warren Ellis has surpassed you, in both the absolute number of friends, and in the preponderance of creepy attention-whore fangirls.

  85. bitpuddle says:

    I heard that at some point there would be free food. Imagine my disappointment.

  86. yesthattom says:

    I'm just looking for the monkey.

  87. mrmustard says:

    I just followed the crowd. I thought there must be a fight going on or something.

  88. jpallan says:

    I'd make some smartass remark about xscreensaver in 1337-speak, except I have to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon if I actually talk that way.

    You write interesting entries, jwz, therefore I friend you.

  89. omnifarious says:

    Face it, you've become a major hub in the Internet social space because of the things you've done and your style of communication. And being a hub is self-reinforcing. More people are going to decide you're interesting just because many people find you interesting. As someone said "I heard all the cool kids hang out here.". :-)

  90. yekop says:

    Your complaints (rants?) are EXCELLENT. I aspire to not put up with computer BS to the degree that you do. You complain out of a geeky love for technology and disdain for the hassles that hold it back, an angle I appreciate. (Did I get that right?) I migrated here from after the posting frequency got really poor. I haven't been back since.

  91. I used to read about:jwz and the dnalounge diary religiously, this is the natural (and far easier to remember to do) progression.

  92. ralesk says:

    You're a cool source of cool news and other cool shit.

  93. alex_victory says:

    Saw a link to a post that linked to something interesting. Read a few more posts, saw more interesting links. Not really anything very exciting about it.

  94. jproulx says:

    Whenever I'd get email from you and Brad I'd wind up reading your journal, going to your site, and reading most of your rants and technical articles. I figured: instead of wasting all my time at once, I should spread it out through the week.

  95. scjody says:

    The good ones were taken.

  96. lproven says:

    One day, I stumbled across a link to your homepage from the Jargon File or somewhere. I read for many hours. I found it to be witty, amusing, informative, refreshing cynical and free of pretence. I knew who you were: a gifted programmer, one of the key creators of the Netscape browser and something of a net.god - or at least net.legend.

    Then I found your LJ. It's all the things I said of your homepage. So there you stay.

    Would like to meet you one day, but we're on the wrong sides of an ocean.

    'Nuff said.

  97. mjgardner says:

    At some point your journal will be so popular no one will have to talk to you, which would probably suit you just fine. I'm just doing my part.

    That, and I have ambitions of playing your club.

  98. kyzoku says:

    I came for the moonshine, but stayed for the cowtipping.

  99. tfofurn says:

    Whew! I think it goes back to when Netscape allowed employees to have web sites. Yours had content. I've been reading ever since. The DNA journal was/is mighty entertaining, too. <lj user=jwz> is just the simplest way to track all your many writings.

  100. sungo says:

    uh, like, i thought the J in WWJD was JWZ.

  101. lokaen says:

    I found your journal while searching for a webpage from which to find dead rats inside rubber human female torsos, so as I might buy my little sister an April Fools' day gift.

  102. I first read your "gruntle" page back in ummmm probably 97 or something. Also, you post better stuff than <lj user="boing_boing"> and don't crap on about the novels you're writing, or the blogofuckingspehere.

  103. ding_0_ says:

    I guess fanboyism here too. I read the rants, I read the DNA lounge updates. I sympathized because I had some friends trying to do construction and open a buisness at the same time.

    Back in the day had a link to, which has been my email address for the last 9 years.

  104. starjewel says:

    I blame Kuro5hin... someone pointed out this link ages ago, maybe in a diary, and it was bookmarked for quite some time before I finally just added you to friends. I don't think I've ever read a sucky post from you :)

  105. kallisti says:

    My friend Julie had a crush on you before she started dating Ian Goldberg a few of years she is stalking you, and I am helping her.

    Actually, that's not true...the stalking part, that is...I like the links you post, respect your opinion on things, and dream of owning a small folk club, although considering the "fun" you have had to go through to get your club going, maybe I will retire that dream...

    I've spent most of my life surfing on or just behind the leading edge - starting playing Scott Adams Adventure games on Ohio Scientific CP/M computers at a local store (and learning how to use DDT to look at the games to figure out how they work...); with soldering together my own Apple ][+ clone; through being the "tech" behind a virutal reality gaming cafe; and now creating, virtually singlehandedly, two Linux distributions for the company I work for in North Carolina. And although I have never worked on a project that was as high-profile as you have, I've done my part in helping create a better (hopefully) future, and I am always enjoy reading the comments of others that have done so as well. It's why I love auto/biographies of scientists and science fiction writers as well.

    And your pursuing your dream of running a dance club is an inspiration to me. I've been on the periphery of the music business for many years...being a roadie, programming analog synths for a band, playing guitar in a band, and eventually running my own studio in Montreal. Much as I love bands like Deee-lite, The KLF, Delerium and deepsky, my true love is folk and Irish music, and someday I hope to open a small coffeehouse folk club like Rasputins in Ottawa someday. It's been facinating watching what you have had to go through to get your club off the ground...both informative, and a cautionary tale!

    So, do you think I have a good enough reason to read your LJ?


  106. novadrome says:

    Your journal and corresponding images, links, etc. are one of the things I look forward to most when online.

  107. nosrialleon says:

    I was reading you off <lj user='substitute'>'s friends page for a very long time, and decided to shave off a mouse click or 2.

    I enjoy the DNA updates and the tech rants (which are often over my head, but good to know about), and my reccommended daily WTF allowance is amply filled between the stuff you and Warren post.

  108. osi says:

    you don't suck

  109. politi_pet says:

    I just like the hand-crunch icon.
    *looks innocent*

    Yeah, that's the ticket.

  110. jc says:


    It's like my friends page, but in colour.

  111. down8 says:

    File under fanboy.


  112. phobus says:

    you post more often than <lj user="kim_jong_il__">

  113. ldy says:

    ~Kiloluser, kiloloser, kilolooooooser!~ "Kiloloser?"

    Erm, sorry.

    I only read you for the articles, honest.

  114. mykwud says:


    Ah, there we go.

  115. xoruglm says:

    google search for combinations of interests similar to my own.

    autechre + buffy-the-vampire-slayer! not a combo you see every day. joss whedon is a god, and firefly's the best thing i've seen on television.

    i cower before chris cunningham's prowess, and both fear and pray for the day when his first feature-length is unleashed upon the world.

    and it's the 3d escher prints that hooked me in the end.

  116. saintnobody says:

    you are sometimes funny and sometimes informative but never boring. although sometimes you do post things that make me want to gouge out my eyes.

  117. pyrop says:

    Firstmost, the monkey butter.

  118. sachmet says:

    Because you're about the most informative thing on LJ these days.

    That, and because I didn't have enough sarcasm in my daily diet.

  119. nester says:

    there are only two places for news that is of interest to me..

    here.. and fark.


  120. bitbucket says:

    Between xdaliclock, xscreensaver & netscape (R.I.P), I've always been a big fan. has always been in my bookmarks list.

    When I discovered you had an LJ, it was only natural that I check it out. You always have something interesting to write about, so you've stayed on my list.

    oh yeah... one final reason: you got the mott's.

  121. kchrist says:

    I used to read your web site once in a while. Now I don't have to.

    Also, I like DNA Lounge and can keep up on upcoming events, improvements, and such this way.

  122. romulusnr says:

    i added you because i wanted to write to you and ask you for advice on Cabaret Voltaire.

    but then I chickened out.

    [insert further requisite wittiness here]

  123. cpratt says:

    "We worked together at Netscape."

    What this really means is that I saw you once in the cafeteria shortly before you quit the company. I eventually wound up as QA manager for Communicator, shipped 4.79, quit the company, took a year off, and then moved to Washington state where I (surprise, surprise) now work for Microsoft.

    I am however proud of my occasionally insightful contributions to mcom.bad-attitude. Wish I'd remembered to get an archive before the company [all hail etc.] up and disappeared last month.


    • dzm6 says:

      ... mcom.bad-attitude. Wish I'd remembered to get an archive ...

      You and me both. Though really mcom.b-a was a real wasteland from mid 2001 on.

  124. matthew_g says:

    I kept reading because your posts amuse me and I started because I got tired of Skud and the rest making references to posts that I hadn't read

  125. For the same reason I have Fark bookmarked, except that you sometimes have intelligent tech rants, too.

  126. giantlaser says:

    It's mostly fanboy-stalker idolism for me. It's kept me interested for the last five years of gruntle/rants and backstage logs.

  127. irishmasms says:

    When my Mom asked me to explain myself I never did, so why should I start now?

  128. owen says:

    * jamie zawinski is going to swoop down and beat you up for bringing your proprietary values into his open source club
    * jamie zawinski is notorious for a whole laundry list of reasons
    * jamie zawinski is raising questions about the future of mozilla
    * jamie zawinski is een van de grote geesten achter netscape en mozilla
    * jamie zawinski is something of a legend among computer programmers
    * jamie zawinski is best known by his initials
    * jamie zawinski is trying to free the night life
    * jamie zawinski is still alive at least
    * jamie zawinski is one of my heroes
    * jamie zawinski is someone
    * jamie zawinski is resigning from netscape
    * jamie zawinski is plenty smart
    * jamie zawinski is a 12/24 hour clock display
    * jamie zawinski is a very good tool for that

  129. I like the rants.

  130. hotabay says:

    I was googling for Mozilla things and I came across your website. From there I found your LJ. You find interesting tidbits, so I keep reading.

  131. buarque says:


    Too tired/lazy to think up a witty respose like the other people. Whoops.

  132. malokai says:

    monkey butter

  133. skryche says:

    You provide good linkage.

  134. coldacid says:


    Yes, I am yet another jwz fanboy, who learned of your greatness from the first time I was active on Mozilla.

    Perhaps it is time to found your own cult or something?

  135. whumpdotcom says:

    It's one of those things you have to do. You don't get CSS, but at least you're not actively trying to destroy human civilization.

    Fortunately I can outsource the reading of Instapundit and Stephen DenBeste to Crooked Timber.

  136. irilyth says:

    You made an impression when you described Richard Stallman as a "fuckwit", an expression I hadn't heard before. I can't remember how I found your journal here, but the links and stories are great.

  137. _19_ says:

    Fanboy mostly. We have some mutual LJ friends, and I believe some big room friends as well. Been following for a few years now, and when I found out that you had a LJ I added it to my friends page. That was sometime elate '02 I think.

    I read it, but rarely comment. I have lifted some of the more interesting things you've linked too and meme'd them into my own journal.

    It comes down to: You're damned interesting.

    Oh, and I even sent you an email a few years ago when Preacher's run ended to get your opinon on the wrap up.


  138. You also realize that if you Google for Livejournal, is the 3rd hit only behind their root domains...
    To answer, monkeybutter is less spiffy in Pine.


  139. ammonoid says:

    We have friends in common. Also, I knew if I didn't sign up I'd be listening to many explantions of something you'd posted. So I cut out the middle man. Also, I spend a lot of time at your club.

  140. cyantist says:

    Yahoo keeps me locked up in a basement and I serve up webpages for people. It's a manual process and highly annoying. I mean, I keep having to serve up pages with really bad porn. Between the porn and fark requests, there's thousands more requesting to visit jwz's livejournal page. That's how I got here. I can't help it, I'm forced to look!

  141. gregv says:

    Cynical, entertaining people rule. Here's another, although it's rarely updated.

  142. asim says:

    Just here for the free drinks, man...

  143. vxo says:

    I'm just here for the links and surreality. Mmmmm, surreality.


    Now please, get that bonobo away from me.

    I think it wants to eat my brains.



  144. marklyon says:

    I, for one, embrace my club-owning master.

    By the way, thanks for the invite code back in the day.

  145. nothings says:

    I enjoyed reading the dnalounge behind-the-scenes-preparing-for-reopening log, so I figured this would probably prove similarly entertaining. And lo, it has.

  146. stick_figure says:

    I explained myself when I first friended you, back when only 5 or so people had you listed as an interest. I have since forgotten exactly how I discovered you had a livejournal. Wasted much company time on about:jwz back in the day. Still wondering what kind of toothbrush you're using lately. You used to have the most fucked up dreams. Except the teeth falling out; only weirdos don't have that one.

  147. king_mob says:

    Cause I invited you in the first place. I maintain that this makes me incredibly 1337.

  148. gucky says:

    1) nostalgia. I miss "about:jwz" on my browswer revealing the camo cubicle.
    2) blogtastic. I like getting the links before boing boing ganks 'em from you.
    3) It gives me street cred with hott h4xx0or boys more than carrying around O'Reily books.
    4) Perhaps I also welcome our robot masters.

  149. fxl says:

    Because I have secretly stalked and lusted after you for years based on your posts to sfglj. I have wild fantacies about being in an orgy with you, William Shatner, and Bea Aurthor.

    Or maybe it is because you are really just another one of hepkittens memes. Not a real person at all.

    Or because your lj perfectly strikes a balance between the two little worlds I live in. Computers and Clubs.

    LJ needs to replicate the 'friends' feature and call it something like 'stalkees' or 'watched' or 'people I am not cool enough to be friends with'. This way people will not be so offended when they are added, as they are now when people add them to their friends list.

  150. organaut says:

    I learned what a blog is from <lj user="deadprogrammer"> who used as teaching material.

  151. bellthecat says:

    I got my fingers stuck in the gears and was dragged along for the ride.

    Seriously though, I was browsing my friendsfriends and was amused by your posts.

  152. beerfrick says:

    I found out about the Love Lump here. What's not to like?

    It's all about the links and rants.

  153. ckn says:

    I came here for King_Mob's LJ. WTF? Who are you and what are these buckets of cocks doing here?

    mmmm mmm monkeybutter *drool*

  154. bwh says:

    I couldn't help it. Your journal's so ... postmodern.

  155. primroseport says:

    I added you on a whim after the second time my band played at the DNA lounge. Since then, every impulse I've had to remove you has been stayed by the fact that everything you post is worth a read. I believe you are now the only user I keep who has not added me back. Live long--

  156. transgress says:

    i have no rhyme or reason.
    i randomly add former programmers of the now assraped and defunct netscape ?project?.

  157. jwm says:

    I went looking for Shriekback lyrics in '94 and your netscape pages where it. I've since enjoyed the tales of the follies of joining startups and owning nightclubs, and now read it for the xscreensaver updates and news of the world domination progress of our soon-to-be robot masters.

  158. elanswer says:

    <lj user="jproulx"> mentioned you in one of his posts.

    I read, and I liked.

  159. c_death says:

    'cause I've been reading your banter in some form or another since 1995. (sfgoth-l, but when it was cool).

  160. ged says:

    Long time fan of

  161. idcmp says:

    Other than being the only dead person (now deleted from /.) on my friends list, I hope one day you'll make a reference to why fnord is in the xjack man page.

    Cool links, good taste in music, and a googlism of other reasons.

  162. smokedamage says:

    some guy came into where i worked and he and my workmate and i started talking politics and technology, and the future and basically shooting the shit.

    We talked Bill Hicks, Denis Leary, Terence McKenna, Warren Ellis, writers, comics and and other interesting madmen, and then someone mentioned blogs, and my sidekick outed me re: my secret journal, and this stranger brought you up as interesting. so here i am.


  163. The sysadmin at my old workplace made your LJ required reading. This, and BOFH. Makes you wonder.

  164. topher says:

    I was bored.

    You there.

    It worked for me.

  165. ts4z says:

    Idol worship; bizarre links; xscreensaver release announcements. That is, the same reasons as everyone else.

  166. _revidescent says:

    long time reader. circa about:jwz

  167. Simple--it's nice to see someone introducing new thoughts to an old think tank.

  168. tigerlily401 says:

    my boyfriend kept mentioning the weird links and pics you put up. so i added you in an attempt to stop him. but it didn't.

    you are evil actually. <3

  169. phreddiva says:

    I just think your girlfriend is hot.

  170. doomkty says:

    <lj_user="rivetpepsquad"> hooked me up.
    Now I'm wondering, maybe this post will break a record in number of comments...

  171. bifrosty2k says:

    Uhm, I like monkeys.

  172. rpkrajewski says:
    • I like your website, and this is more convenient to read.
    • It's the Year of the Monkey
    • We've got a friend in common (MLY)
  173. voidptr says:

    Makes it easier than having to individually surf to your blog every day. Maybe I'm lazy, but it's your fault for posting funny/interesting/thought-provoking stuff on a regular basis.

  174. zare_k says:

    Someone told me about when I was in college. I happily bathed in the procrastination fodder, then wandered off. Memes long forgotten reappear on livejournal like old friends.

  175. lrc says:

    That's what you get for posting interesting shit on your lj

  176. cannery says:

    I regard my JWZ addiction like my Dave Winer addiction: both irritate the fuck out of me (D: endless whining about blogs; J: any rant about Perl and/or sex); J: I hate night clubs {particularly goth or indie ones, although the, uh, pics on chicks are cool :-)}, and D: academic institutions; but sometimes, when I'm on the verge of removing them from my fav lists, they come up with something worthwhile, nay, wondrous to read and I go ummm, cool, nice.

    I orginally put JWZ in my LJ "friends" list as a quicker way to view him and all my other, uh, LJ "friends" so that I could view them at the same time. That's if I remember that I've done this.

    I'm beginning to hate the term LJ "friends".

    More excitingly, Beagle is alive!

  177. ggerrietts says:

    I don't remember why I originally added you, or how I found the journal. I keep you around because the interesting to annoying ratio is pretty high, even among my friends.

  178. rearkick says:

    I mean, really? I have no idea who you are or what you're about. I had never heard of you until I added you to my "friends" list.


    P.S. Your stuff is, you know, neat.

  179. chromal says:

    I'm already a LJ user; it's a convenient way of keeping tabs on DNA Lounge news updates. Besides, you're interesting.

  180. loosechanj says:

    The spelling be changed to "kiloluser".

  181. kyra says:

    I've enjoyed the gruntles, so it seemed only natural to add the LJ as well. Fun and informative.

  182. susano_otter says:

    I stick around because underneath the "now with more crazy!", I can still find the jwz I remember so well from the old days.

  183. legolas says:

    Yeah, like everyone else said, I got a link and liked (still do) reading what you write.

    Wait until they split the friend/reader/trusted person relation up, then you'll see how many viewers you have and how little real friends ;-)

  184. tkil says:

    I’m also a happy consumer of software you wrote (or at least influenced): XEmacs, XScreenSaver, XKeyCaps, DaliClock, and Mozilla.

    I enjoyed reading your description of the trials and tribulations starting and running the DNA Lounge. I managed to visit the Lounge when I was in SF last December, too -- you’ve done a great job (even if Thursdays are by far the best music). And your live bands generally make me wish I lived in San Francisco and not San Diego.

    Your political commentary and newslinking is always entertaining; along with Lounge updates and new software releases, there are more than enough reasons for me to use the LJ “friends” feature to track it. (I do find the label a bit presumptuous, but I figure that everyone understands that it’s called “friend” but pronounced ”stalkee”.)

    And I hope I’ve done a tiny bit here and there to pay you back: I submitted a keyboard layout or two back in the day; a small patch to crypt.el was directly inspired by a mini-rant of yours; when you post the rare technology conundrum, I try to chip in if I can; and I dropped off some CDs that I thought you might like. Because, as you’ve observed, no good deed goes unpunished.

    But mostly I’m just a fanboy.

  185. crackmonkey says:

    This has to be the longest set of replies to any post I've seen that didn't get completely fucked by LJ's threading model.

    I came for the vi knowledge, I stayed for the rants, and I friend'd for a combination of your near complete disregard for those that worship you, the somewhat lucid rants which quickly degrade into insults, the club, the deluge of overly linked sites, and your bitter and sarcastic wit aimed at those unworthy of your time.

    I found your site years ago while trying to fix a tab/space problem. I originally found your rants interesting, in that "wow, it's like a little portal into parts of his life" sort of way. I realize now that you seemingly created a combination blog/wiki that is interesting to me. Oh, and xscreensaver is rather neat.

    I still love the ratio of sarcastic comments vs fandom spurned responses and +1's.

  186. 1) It's easier to catch up on the road via friends than using my RSS reader.

    2) You can blame my friends for recently making me get a LJ account.

  187. mattholland says:

    the amusing links/commentary.

  188. taffer says:

    I was waiting for xscreensaver to download and I started reading the Gruntles...

    I can't remember how I found your journal, but I thought, "That bastard had better post some interesting stuff..."

  189. hawke666 says:

    Followed since about:jwz was in Netscape 2.x, and enjoyed /gruntle/ particularly. DNA sequencing, and eventually LiveJournal was just the next logical progression.

  190. figbash says:

    I care about my friends, but I actually read your journal. +Aside from this, you don't expect comments and/or think I know what's going on with you because you posted something. Good thing esp since I have no idea who you are.

    Your posts are prime for any mood.

  191. rvijapurapu says:

    I have been following your footsteps in one way or the other, trying to get into restaurant business giving away my job as a Product Architect ;)


  192. I just want to know why so many of you computer-type people insist on not only abusing SI prefixes, but also complaining when others don't as well.

    I understand, even if many of you don't, that when you're using binary it's easier to divide by 2 than by 10, but come on.

  193. fieldsnyc says:

    I've been following your commentary for a while, but it was the story of the long strings of black crap in your electric toothbrush that really hooked me.


  194. tulpaspin says:

    ...After that I figured I should keep my eye out for you.

    Strangely enough, your LJ often feels more like glimpses at my old homeland than any page I've seen...

  195. Ego trips make baby Jesus cry.

  196. deafscribe says:

    You're the best new drug in 2005!

  197. fdmts says:

    You post pictures and links that make me laugh, cringe, or think. Your journal is one of my key filters for "what's weird or interesting on the internet today."

    Plus, when you rant, it's both geeky and funny.

    It all started back in the [lucid|X]emacs days, when you consistently failed to be dumb in your posts to the developer lists. I've sort of been following along since then.

  198. kraquehaus says:

    I always found your posts hypnotizingand enjoyable, but now I realize that it wasn't just a heightened sense of pure love I was feeling, but actual hypotization.

    Henceforth, I shall be applying a restraining order upon you.

    You have been using coded words to show that you want to marry me and train me as your co-writer. I now know that XScreenSaver is just your code-word for me.

    You have forced me to go bankrupt, caused me mental cruelty and sleep deprivation since May 1994. I request that you, JWZ, who writes this blog in cyberspace, stay at least three yards away and not think of me, and release me from his mental harassment and hammering.

    If you come near me or sends someone on your behalf, I will break their legs and establish the proof of my story and claims.

  199. A few months back I stumbled onto this by the way of six-degrees theory. I had zero idea who you were, but the content of the blog sure added a nice zing of non sequitur to my friends page reading.

    Nearly dumped the link when the fan-boy contingent started to grate on me. I had figured out the club-owner bit and figured this was what the rampant sycophancy was about. Celebrity is a lost cause with me, so the "Ooh! Me too!"-ness of the comment logs was nearly enough to nix it.

    In the meantime, I realized that the man behind the mythical blog was a non no-brainer, dug a little, and realized the unix connection. Your career arc is stunningly similar to my own, your political thinking is good, and the the s:n ratio is quite satisfactory.