mars movie rerun

Since it looks like Spirit won't be rolling off its dock for another week or so, you might want to get your Mars fix by re-watching this: a RealVideo animation of the launch, landing, unfolding, and daily routine of the mars rover; ~9 minutes. (I linked to this back in July.)

There used to be less grainy Quicktimes of this movie at JPL, but they took them down temporarily because their bandwidth is getting hammered.

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5 Responses:

  1. Quicktime ain't nothin' compared to a 300-meg DVD-Quality MPEG2 with AC3 sound!


    (Don't pirate, kids.)

  2. charkes says:

    The Quicktime format was done in 2002 and doesn't (now didn't) look as nice as the new Real version.

    • kcm says:

      uh, what?

      Real version:Quicktime version::Web video 1997:Web video 2002

      I much prefer the newer "music video" version, since the music is Bela Fleck and it's as clear as I've ever seen animated video -- a superb job, really. what was changed in the Real version?

      More info and video links here..

      • charkes says:

        The Real version (the source material, not the quality of the video) is prettier and more detailed. The animation quality is much, much better. They used it on the Nova episode, also.

        There were slight differences, such as the colors on the rocket gantry. The lighting is brighter in the 2003 version. Looks like they spent a lot of computing power rendering it.

  3. kiad says:

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