I, for one, welcome our two headed toothy masters

old news, but I missed it the first time around:

"Staff at a Thailand crocodile farm are nursing an unusual new arrival: a pair of conjoined crocodiles. Chang and Eng - named after the world's most famous Siamese twins - were hatched on Saturday at the Samut Prakarn zoo just south of Bangkok. The animals each have a head, but share a common lower body with one tail and have four legs each."

That picture is from 2001; if they're still alive, they ought to be a lot bigger by now, but I can't find any later mention of them! The Samut Prakarn (or "Samutprakarn"?) croc zoo doesn't seem to have a web page; the only info about it that I've found is on travel agent web sites. (And of course in the news of that woman who commited suicide by crododile there.)

Update: sketchthecow points out that they died of constipation a few months later. "'They died from failure of the digestive system, as they shared a single digestive tract', Samut Prakarn crocodile farm executive director Uthain Yongprapakorn said."

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9 Responses:

  1. autodidactic says:

    How do they poop?


    • jwz says:

      I'd like to think it's an "anus dentada" situation, but the text says they have a tail, which I guess is behind them in the picture.

    • brad says:

      Out each other's mouths!

      It's like that Southpark where they eat in their ass and poop out their mouths! :P

  2. brad says:

    That's just the sort of article I could see you getting pissed off at if it were lacking a picture. :-)

  3. nutznboltz says:

    I thought deformed reptiles and amphibians were normal now.


  4. gregv says:

    Two-headed turtle.

    A human analog to above. Also your choice of two bodies, one head, or one body, two heads.

    I remember seeing a preserved eight-legged lamb (goat?) on TV but I can't find it. Oh well.

    • luserspaz says:

      All of those human specimen photos are from the Mütter Museum. A very neat place to visit, but not for the squeamish. Personally, I find the "deformed fetuses in jars" exhibit to be the most uncomfortable.

  5. sketchthecow says:

    I decided to do my own searching, and found this story:

    Siamese twin crocs die of constipation
    The Sun, 12 July 2001

    BANGKOK, Wed: Thailand's first pair of conjoined crocodiles has died after coming down with a severe case of constipation, staff at the zoo where they were cared for said today.

    "They died from failure of the digestive system, as they shared a single digestive tract", Samut Prakarn crocodile farm executive director Uthain Yongprapakorn said.

    The crocodiles, joined from the belly to the tail, died on July 3. --- AFP

    ... the URL was http://www.jphpk.gov.my/English/July2001%2012.htm and I found it by looking for conjoined crocodiles, figuring there wouldn't be that many.

    Looks like the poop speculation wasn't off the mark.