Holland explores its sexuality

These things are halfway between Chucky and Aphex Twin!
It's unclear whether they are anatomically correct, however.

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26 Responses:

  1. lilykitty says:

    wow i had to take a double take.
    those are freaky!!

  2. lokaen says:

    The blond one looks like an Olsen twin

  3. violentbloom says:

    uncle jamie you're scaring me again!

  4. crasch says:

    Freaky. Many of them look like Gelflings from the Dark Crystal.

  5. gregv says:

    Looking at the top four as a sequence reminded me of this, but in reverse.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    now anyone can explore by xmas 2004 for only $59,000.

    That is, of course if you believe the crackpot's claims.

  7. nosrialleon says:



  8. autodidactic says:

    Looks like nickel shots night at Villa Villakulla.


  9. morrisa says:

    She's just a bisque doll designer. Puppe, poppet, popeet, all means doll in them there fereign languages. Portrait, sad, smiling, puckered, and flawed faces have been all the rage among doll collectors for a couple of generation now. The porcelain skin that breaks into dangerous jagged shards is most disappointing for sexual exploration. These are for a different lonely and troubled target consumer, for the woman who collects fake children in order to reinvent her own childhood.

  10. down8 says:

    Thanks there, buddy. I won't be sleeping again for at least 2 days. Good thing it's the weekend?


  11. feren says:

    I'm naming my fucking nightmares after you.

  12. bitpuddle says:

    It burns! Stop it -- it burns!

  13. abates says:

    I say we nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  14. whumpdotcom says:

    My first reaction was, they look like the muppet heroes in Henson's The Dark Crystal.

  15. cannery says:

    I think they should get together with wakamura and produce a killer app.

  16. lordaraq says:

    that is some seriously poop up sqwak

  17. endospore says:

    these are interesting pictures, found when googling 'murder'.