dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein a new use for money is discovered.

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  1. c9 says:

    christ, people are stupid. my job is similarly enjoyable -- except for the customers. do you sometimes miss development because at least you get a (physical) distancing from said stupids?

  2. This may sound bizarre, but for the quickest cleanup of magic marker/Sharpie (tm)/ink on most household (clubhold?) surface, try Mr. Clean Magic Sponges. They really do work, and they tend to nail the stuff you want to get out while leaving the stuff you don't with surprising accuracy.

    Unless these assclowns have markers that are considerably more powerful than their sense of public decency.

    • baconmonkey says:

      the taggers are most often using some sort of waxy paint-pen sort of thing. sometimes they are dual-colored, like fading/smearing between green and yellow. immediately after application, it's dry, but slightly sticky. What I mean is, it doesn't run, but it also is stuck pretty solidly immediately upon use. it doesn't just wipe off, it requires cleaner and a lot of scrubbing. I'm sure it's probably some art supply thing, or some construction industry marking tool.

  3. jayrtfm says:

    Pec-12 (http://www.photosol.com/pec-12product.htm) was designed to clean film and prints. I have used it to remove sharpie marks from furniture.

  4. Those stories are awesome.

    MC No-ID, the taggers and the "fucking jacket" girl. Funny, funny shit.


    • jsl32 says:

      i don't think the money-shredding bit was all that funny and would personally have taken it out of the girl.

      • greyface says:

        Well... it's funny in the abstract "a story" sense. Just probably not in the, "your money just vanished into thin air" way.

        As I think about it... isn't it a federal offense to intentionally destroy greenbacks?

        Remember: Tragedy is when I stub a toe, comedy is when you fall off a 3rd story balcony into a street where a mack truck sends you flying head first into a running chipper-shredder and die.

      • I think you need more cynicism in your diet.


  5. robflynn says:

    Damn. WTF is wrong with people?