bigger toys than Dr. Megavolt has

Want to see an electrical arc as tall as a three story building? I thought so. MPEG video; explanation.

13 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

    This fucking rocks, sir.

  2. confuseme says:

    Thank you so, so much for pointing this out. Excuse me while I retrieve my jaw from the floor.

  3. dzm6 says:

    Unlike Dr. Megavolt this amusing MPEG video does not bring us tasty snacks.

  4. tidesong says:

    Wow, that's impressive looking.

    Is it real? Looks almost like it might be fake?

  5. sheer_panic says:

    A friend of mine just told me about this.. I find tracking it through the net hilarious. I know the original person who encoded it and posted it on the electric vehicle discussion list as a example of DC arcing taken to a new extreme..

    • ronbar says:

      But this is AC. There are three switches for the three phases and you can hear the arc buzzing. If it was DC, it would have been a constant sizzle.

      • sheer_panic says:

        Yes, this is true.. I don't know why it was brought up during a discussion of DC arc extinguishing, since it must be AC to be three phases as is shown.

        Or is it AC? After all, a AC arc normally extinguishes at the zero crossing point..

        I'll inquire with a friend of mine who worked at the Lugo substation for a while.


  6. nothings says:

    If it's a totally unexpected accident, I have to wonder why they were filming it. I guess just to see the switches in operation, but no "holy shit" from the cameraman or anything?

    • lovingboth says:

      Yeah, I had those sort of thoughts. It was clearly thought worth watching 'live', because someone zooms out.

    • amishone says:

      Having watched this video get posted in various places for at least the last 2 weeks, I started digging back to where I first saw it on Batlabs.

      From there, a page was linked that indicates that this video was of a test.

      "Line reactors (or inductors) are used to offset the effects of line capacitance on long high voltage transmission lines. The utility was having difficulty cleanly disconnecting these line reactors and had set up a special test to help monitor and isolate the problem."

  7. nutznboltz says:

    Wow, the heat pulls the arc into the air. I would never have guessed that would happen but it made sense once I saw it.

  8. d1663m says:

    I think the dude at the very end of the clip says it all. "Woo!" It is pretty amazing it didn't ground itself before something else cut it off. That's a once in a lifetime sort of thing to see, and it was "caught on tape".

    Cool, thanks for linkin it!