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Ok, this is absolutely the most nerdiest thing I've ever seen since the last time I said "this is absolutely the most nerdiest thing I've ever seen."

The Book of Erotic Fantasy. A Dungeons and Dragons rule-book that quantifies the process of pretending to fuck elves. All this, and photoshopped goth girls too!

I have no joke here, I just like saying "Bliss Motes are swarms of tiny sex-faeries."

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  1. kingfox says:

    Take that a few steps further, and you've got F.A.T.A.L., one of the most painful reads I've had in my life, complete with such great critical failures as: Caster tries to fist-fuck the next sleeping female they see, no matter when or where. and Nutsack of caster swells to 10d1000 in volume for 3d3 days..

  2. giles says:

    All I want to know is if I get to put a "TFAC0" on my character sheet.

    Although I guess "To Hit" would work as well, with the way the kids talk today. With their socks. And their beards.

  3. kiad says:

    You made me feel dirty just from reading that. yick.

    I'll return the favour:
    Thai Amulets and the counterpart.

  4. It's been a few years since I've seen it, but I believe that could trace back to the Complete Guide of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

    Sorry, don't have a link. Google and ye shall find.

    • belgand says:

      Indeed. As soon as I read about this my first thought was "fucking rip-off". Toss on some shitty generic goth artwork and a pretentitious title and turn a largely tongue-in-cheek work (that had, admittedly, some pretty good rules for dealing with childbirth and other topics) into something you can hawk for $20.

      • Wonder how similar it really is, aside from the concept. The author of the net.carnal guide might have a cause for action.

        • thealien says:

          The tone is very different. Really, it's a useful book for people who want that sort of thing in their game.

          I own the book, though I'm unlikely to use it. I keep it to passing mentions of things that happened off-camera in my games. That's just what I'm comfortable with.

          I do know people who are easily as comfortable talking about sex in RPGs as violence. It's like the difference between television in the US and in certain other countries. Some people want to keep the nudity out, others want to keep the intestine-ripping out.

          I don't tend to have vivid violence, either, keeping a more cinematic tone. Oh well.

  5. daonnan says:

    the red head on the cover is a fellow LJer who is a fetish model.... <lj user=vebelfetzer>

    • harryh says:

      And I'm pretty sure the photo was shot by <LJ USER=HYPNOX>. Possibly some of the art inside as well? Dunno.

      • marc17 says:

        Doug did almost all the art in the book. He did the photos which make up all the art and any fantasy elements were photoshoped in by others. e.g. the pregnant goblin was was actually a pregnant friend of ours and the skin color and facial features were added later.