RFC 3092 - Etymology of "Foo"

RFC 3092 - Etymology of "Foo"


Approximately 212 RFCs so far, starting with RFC 269, contain the terms `foo', `bar', or `foobar' as metasyntactic variables without any proper explanation or definition. This document rectifies that deficiency.

+5 on erection roll

Ok, this is absolutely the most nerdiest thing I've ever seen since the last time I said "this is absolutely the most nerdiest thing I've ever seen."

The Book of Erotic Fantasy. A Dungeons and Dragons rule-book that quantifies the process of pretending to fuck elves. All this, and photoshopped goth girls too!

I have no joke here, I just like saying "Bliss Motes are swarms of tiny sex-faeries."

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far away things and solid air

I'm sure you've heard that the Spirit Mars rover successfully landed today. Up-to-the-minute updates are at spaceflightnow.com, including pictures.

Yesterday, a probe called Stardust intercepted comet Wild 2, where it scooped up particles for eventual return to earth (when they will then turn us all into naked space vampires.)

And what better time to read about this crazy material called "aerogel": it's basically a glass foam sponge with nanometer-scale cells. It has the density of air, and barely conducts heat. It's used in space shuttle tiles, and now they're using a giant scoop of the stuff to catch comet particles. More cool pictures here (the brick one is especially cool.) Lots more details at LBL.

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one kiloloser

There are now 1024 LJ users who have me on their friends lists. That's one kiloloser.

I think it's time for you to explain yourselves. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

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